Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales, Part A

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The first thing I noticed after reading the English Tales was the language used. The language was odd, including words like “darter, ’em, etc.” Though some of the wording was strange, the reading was not at all hard to understand. In fact, it was easily understood. Of course my favorite tale was The Three Little Pigs. I loved the opening little rhyme used. I’d love to create something similar, though I’m not much of a poet. The story was the same as the one I heard. The first little pig begged a man for straw to build a house. The wolf came along begging to get in. The little pig said no. The wolf then blew the house down and ate the pig. The second pig built his house with furze. The wolf ended up blowing this house down as well. The third pig was smart, and built his house of bricks. When the wolf huffed and puffed to blow this house down, he failed. The wolf then tried to trick the pig out of the house. The pig ended up tricking the wolf with each new task. The pig won when the wolf went down the chimney into a pot of boiling water. I could change this story in so many ways! It’s such a classic, so it’d be hard to change, but very possible. I could make the three pigs different animals, and make the wolf a different animal. Or, I could have the wolf on a different mission that to kill the little pigs. Another part that I could change is the ending. Instead of the other 2 pigs being eaten by the wolf, they could be saved by the pig in the brick house! That way it’s a happy ending!

Another option: Maybe the story could have a twist to where the wolf was actually trying to help the ones living in dangerous houses.

I also enjoyed the story of The Old Woman and Her Pig.

It was really cool the continuance of the story. However, this one would be really tough to rewrite. I would use the same characters and ideas, but I wouldn’t make the play on words as they did in the text here. I absolutely love the last paragraph where everything just falls together. Each animal and object used in the story was able to be utilized in the continual degradation from one to the next. It would be so cool to do something like this!


English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. The story can be accessed here.

Image one: The Three Little Pigs by Wikimedia Commons.

Famous Last Words: Another Crazy Week

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First of all, I have had one crazy week in this class and two others last week. I ask myself how everything can just pick up so quickly after spring break, then I realize that this is college, and that’s how it always is. It’s not that I’ve been procrastinating this week at all, as I actually got more done than I thought was possible as the week went on.

In this class, I didn’t complete all of the assignments. I completed the first reading notes assignments, the project, blog comments, and project feedback. I was able to finish the week strong, but the beginning of the week was way too hectic to find time for the second reading notes and the storytelling. The storytelling is usually one of my favorite parts, so I was upset that I had to skip it this week. Since I had to skip some assignments this week, and I haven’t been keeping up with all of the project feedback in previous weeks, I have some catching up to do to finish before dead week. After I complete this assignment, I plan to complete the extra blog comments as well. I enjoy reading other skilled writer’s work in this class, and I think that it does contribute to my overall writing skills as well.

Overall, next week is also going to be extremely hard. I work every single day, and that’s something that I’m not used to. Because of that, I’m trying to plan ahead. I hope to find time to get ahead this weekend, so that I can allow myself to “chill out.” As long as I can find time to complete both reading notes this weekend, I should have time to write the story next week, and next weekend I’ll be able to catch up on the Sunday night deadlines for this class.

Part of having a growth mindset is to not let the negative parts of life get you down. So I’m determined that I can and will complete all of the work in this class to get the grade that I want, and deserve. I really enjoy this class, and I’ve learned a lot about time management along with mythfolklore. I’m excited for the rest of the semester still, and I’m also excited about the work that I’ve done thus far in this class. These are projects that I’ll be able to access forever since they’re online, so that’s cool as well.

Here’s to a new week and still trying to get ahead!

Image one: The Long Road Ahead by jonrawlinson on Flickr.

Reading Notes: American Indian, Part A

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Ok, so these stories were way more up my alley than the previous marriage tales that I read. Once again, the imagery used was so strong. When the author would describe a setting, I felt as if I was there. When descriptions would be described, I could see an exact image in my head. What a great job at imagery used! My favorite story in this section was the very first one, Iagoo, the Story-Teller. 

You know that you really enjoyed a story when you read the entire unit, then immediately want to write the reading notes over the very FIRST introductory story that’s not freshest on your mind. The main reason why, is that it reminded me of some VERY wise old men that I know, or knew.  Anyways, in this story, Iagoo, is known as the wisest of them all. He knew everything about everything and everyone. He has such knowledge based on not only his age, but his experiences throughout life, and learning of the experiences of others. All of the children loved Iagoo because of his great storytelling. When the children are gathered around, the northern-wind starts making “whoo, whoo” sounds through the firewood of the fire. When a girl asks if if can hurt them, he simple replies to have no fear (though he’s frightened). He then goes on to tell a story about it, which is described in Shin-ge-bis Fools the North Wind (also an amazing story). However, this is where I want to take over the story. I want to change this into my own version, but keep the introductory (Iagoo) the same. I could completely change it and turn this into a story where Iagoo tells a story of horses. Maybe I could have the horses defeat the bit, mean, northern-wind. I could also change it to where Iagoo is a horse, and tells stories to the children. Not only could he tell stories, but he could also transport them to where the stories took place. That would be cool! I have a lot of thinking to do that I could base off of the reading’s from this unit, but I sure want Iagoo in my story (whether horse or person).


American Indian Fairy Tales Unit. American Indian Fairy Tales by W.T. Larned. Illustrations by John Rae in 1921. This unit can be accessed here.

Image 1: Storytelling (Millais Boyhood of Raleigh). Accessed from Wikimedia Commons.


Famous Last Words: Swamped

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One of these day’s I’ll be able to catch up in this class and get ahead. Looking forward at my upcoming schedule I’m not sure when, but maybe after two weeks.

For this class, I thought the reading was really interesting this week. I read about Native American marriage tales, and found that it was strange to read about animal and human relationships. I did really enjoy the strong cultural sense that each of the stories portrayed, and the strong structure that stuck throughout the duration of the tales. I was able to complete the readings for the week in ample time, but I was also swamped with much more work.
Unfortunately,  the next two weeks will probably be the roughest for me to finish the work in this class. I have an upcoming test on Wednesday, lab report on Thursday, along with many other homework assignments. The following week I sure hope I don’t have many major assignments based on what my work schedule looks like. I’ll be working that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The problem with that is that it doesn’t give me ample time to complete this class work alone, much less the addition of all my other classes.

In other classes this week, I’ve had a successful, yet busy week. I completed my lab report more efficiently than I originally though, as well as having time to prepare for the quiz that I took today in class. I’ve found that I’m so swamped with events in my life and school that I’m not sure how I’ve been able to complete the amount of assignments that I have.

Although the next few weeks will be tough, I know that I can complete most of the work. Since I’ve allowed myself some room for mistakes based on the amount of extra credit I’ve done, I’ll surely be able to maintain a good grade.

Image 1: Swamped Truck. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Week 9 Storytelling: Jolene Finds Carl

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Once upon a time, lived a rambunctious pack of wolves. The pack consisted of Jolene, Cookie, Barney, Clyde, and many so young they had not been named. This was certainly not the average pack of wolves, and all of the members relied heavily on Jolene for guidance, as she was the mother to Cookie, Barney, Clyde, and the grandmother to the just born. The pack prowled the thick forests and mountainous terrain in Wisconsin primarily at night, and rested during the day. Much to the dismay of Jolene, the dense fog had altered the view of the land, and the pack had to rest for one whole day. Worried about the young, Jolene fought to try to find a safe place for them to reside. Losing hope with every step leading no where, Jolene sat down. She gave a quick glance to her right, and there it was. Up on the top of a hill was the most appealing barn, with a breath-taking house perched approximately a mile from it.

With an immense amount of fear being in the close proximity of humans during day-time striking, Jolene couldn’t rest. When the whole pack was asleep, she watched the house from the barn.

“Goodbye Carl, we’ll be home soon, be a good pit while we’re gone” a strange woman screamed into the house as she left with what appeared to be her husband.

As the car slowly drove from the driveway, faint yelps were heard from the house. Curious, Jolene began walking toward the house.

“Wow, this house is immaculate,” she thought to herself, as the yelps turned into gruff barks, and even howls. Jolene was worried for whatever was inside, and her instincts kicked in. She jumped across the barriers with ease, and plunged her way through the back door, which had been left unlocked.

In utter shock, she ran to the pit, and saw that he was in no sort of danger. “Sorry to alarm you, I heard crying, and I had to come make sure you were okay. Why are you trapped in this house?” Jolene asked.

“I’m Carl, I’m a pitbull and this is where I live. My mom and dad just left from work, and I get very sad when they first leave. What’s your name?”

“Jolene,” she murmured.

Jolene was amazed at the thought that Carl lived inside with a family of humans, as she’d never seen life that way before. Her mind drifted away into day dreams involving her family living with humans. These dreams made her feel very uncomfortable, as she had never placed her trust in anyone or anything.

Carl kept trying to catch her attention, and finally had to scream her name to awake her from her dream.
“What family do you live with, Jolene? How far is your house?”

“Well, I live with a pack of my family. I have three children, and many grandchildren. We do not get treatment as you do, for we roam the terrain,” Jolene said.

Carl took her to the laundry room and showed her to the food and water, like the gentleman that he was. He was in shock that she lived outside and had that many in her pack.

The two engaged in conversation for many hours, when Carl heard the car coming down the driveway.

“Quick Jolene, outside!”
The two ran outdoors, where Jolene eventually introduced Carl to her pack family. Jolene’s eyes glittered with every word that Carl said, and his pure interest in her was intense. Carl stayed with the pack for many days, as the bonds that were growing were too beautiful to leave.

On one dusky night, Carl grabbed Jolene for a dance. He then confessed all of his feelings for Jolene that he had found. He left his wonderful family for her, but he felt that he must go back to his home.
“Jolene, will you go with me? My family is very nice and caring. I hope they treat you as their own.”

Jolene was torn between family and her newfound love, but her family urged her to go follow her heart.

“Mom, I want you to find pure happiness for the first time since dad. I will take over the pack. I will take care of everyone; we will all remain alive and well,” Clyde urged.
They then partook in final goodbyes, and Carl begged of the family to remain in the area. He ensured them they could always stay in the barn that the family never uses, and even promised to sneak them some food out there.

Carl and Jolene then began the journey back to Carl’s. When they arrived, the couple jumped for joy. Though they had no idea where Carl had gone, or who Jolene was, they opened the doors for both and began to shed tears of joy.

And with that, they lived happily ever after.

Authors Note:

This week I decided to do something different. I read the marriage units from the Native American collection, and found much of the formatting useful. The stories all brought sense a strong cultural view. The culture is very prideful in animals and I wanted to relay that to my story. The story that this is based off of was named The Dog-Husband. In the Dog-Husband, a girl had a dog in which she was very fond of. The dog was dog form during the day, but human at night in an attempt to hide from public scrutiny. The girl became pregnant, and her parents found out that it was from a dog, leaving the girl to die. Her father killed the father, forcing the girl to take care of the pups alone after they were born. The story continued, but the above is the context that I used in order to create my story. I strayed a lot from the beginning of the original story, as I did not want to write about any sexual relations between a dog and human. To change the plot, I made the two main characters dogs. One of the dogs was domesticated, and the other wild, which still would bring hardships between the two differing lifestyles. Other than the idea, none of my story is from the original story line, I created it as I went. I tried to create more personality for the characters than in the original story, because they were just “the girl and the dog,” nothing special. I didn’t give the couple great description, because that was not what my story was focused on. It was mainly focused on the unusual love found between wild and domestic dogs, with a happily ever after ending. Overall, I created my own story from cultural text of the stories as a whole, and just let my imagination go.


Image 1: Wolf Pack accessed from Wikimedia Commons.

Image 2: American Pit Bull accessed from Wikimedia Commons.

Native American Marriage Tales Unit: Tales of the North American Indians by Stith Thompson. This storybook collection can be accessed here.

Reading Notes: Native American Marriage Tales, Part B

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WHAT, once again all of these reading’s completely blew my mind. I haven’t read anything like them, and The Dog-Husband specifically made me think “what?” Basically, this was a story where the girl had a dog which she loved very much. This dog would change into a human husband at night, then morph into a dog during the day. HOW STRANGE. Typically I woudn’t want to write any story where there’s any beastiality, because I do not agree with it under any circumstance. Generally, reading any sort of it really creeps me out. But this story was different in a way, because the dog actually morphed into a person. Since they still had a relationship when the dog was in dog form, I would completely change that the the dog SOLELY being her dog during the day and changing into a person at night. The story escalated when she became pregnant from the dog, and just made me stray from wanting to write of the story. I probably will not choose this idea, because the thought of this still seems weird and wrong, but it could make for an interesting story. However, if I did change this story, I could make it to where the girl is actually a dog, and the dog is morphing between a domesticated dog and a wild wolf or something. That could create a whole different story, while keeping the relationships between animals. I really liked the choice of words in The True Bride, and the writer’s ability to provide such great imagery. This specific story gave me many ideas that I could utilize in the writing from The Dog-Husband. I think it would be cool to give it a twist to where the relationships maintain between animals, as well as incorporating the ideas from The True Bride. Also, the language used in all of the readings seems very interesting. I like the style of cultural language, and I can hopefully add that to my story as well. I really enjoyed the strange turns that each of the stories took, it left me wondering what the writer would throw in next. However strange some of the stories may have been, they all turned out to be excellent to read.


Native American Marriage Tales Unit: Tales of the North American Indians by Stith Thompson. This storybook collection can be accessed here.

Picture 1: Life is Strange (My thoughts when reading through the chapters). This picture can be accessed here.

Reading Notes: Native American Marriage Tales, Part A

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Wow, what a shock it was when reading these stories. They were different from previous readings, as they really treasured the Native American culture from the older times. I like how these selections were written so long ago, as it gives me a perspective of writing back in the 1920’s and 30’s. One story that really caught my eye was Bear-Woman and Deer-Woman. 

Throughout that reading, I was constantly wondering what would happen next. The writer used very good forms of imagination. The story began with the Grizzly Bear and Doe pounding acorns. They went down to the creek to “leach a meal,” and began to search each others head for lice. I thought that was so random, as they were simply waiting for a meal to soak, why would they search their heads for lice? Anyways, Doe confirmed that Grizzly had no lice. Sneaky Grizzly sprinkled sand in Doe’s hair, and basically said the possibility was strong that she had lice and Grizzly would chew them. Grizzly then bit Doe’s head off and killed her. Grizzly took the head and acorns to the house, and put the head in fire to roast. The Grizzly informed the children that it was only firewood, but one of Doe’s children called Grizzly out, thinking it was Doe’s head. To repay Grizzly, Doe’s children begged the bear cubs to play “smoke-each-other-out.” Of course, the bears were then killed and the fawns took them to the fire and handed them to Grizzly as they were “skunks.” When Grizzly found out, she chased the fawns, begging them to “come back home.” The fawns begged of the crane to stretch his neck so they could cross over the river. The crane stretched and allowed them to pass. When the Grizzly reached the crane, he put his neck across, but twisted when Grizzly was halfway across, leaving Grizzly floating in the river. This story could be re-written in many different ways. I would want to stick with this story if I don’t enjoy one in Part B more, because it’s such a twisted tale like I’ve never heard before. It’s sort of a multiple revenge plot, where the Grizzly is the one who first does wrong and ends up paying the price for it (dead cubs and sinking in the river). I would want to give all of the characters names that fit their personality. I could change the ending to where a different animal plays the key role in paying back Grizzly. I’m not sure exactly what I’d write, but I want to change the plot, but have the overall betrayal/payback the same morality.


Native American Marriage Tales Unit: Tales of the North American Indians by Stith Thompson. This storybook collection can be accessed here.

Picture 1: Grizzly Bear Image Accessed from Wikimedia Commons.


Famous Last Words: Break Over, Already?

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Yes, school is once again back in session. That means no more Netflix nights or slacking. Here’s the part where I reflect back on the TWO weeks that we had to complete the assignments, and realize that I have not met my expectations once again. I completed all of the assignments besides the project feedback once again, and I’m hoping one of these weeks to actually fulfill ALL of the assignments. I’ve just been having such a hard time staying focused on school work lately, but I feel more rejuvenated after spring break.

Since last week was a review, I didn’t read any new material relative to class readings. I did have the chance to look back and reflect on how the semesters gone, as well as to re-visit the growth-mindset topic. I enjoyed having a week to kind of gather my thoughts again, and I realize that I have been slacking in school work.

Class is kicking back into gear, and I’m determined to get back with it. This week I want to complete all of the reading notes and storytelling early (today if possible), and then have the rest of the week to ponder on my project. If I complete the rest of my assignments early, then I should have time to give quality feedback to my peers on their project assignments.

I have a big test in one of my upper division MBIO classes coming up next week, so I’m going to try to get ahead in this class so that I don’t have to worry about it. I have a postlab assignment due tonight, independent project update due tomorrow night, and many other assignments that are all stacking up. I say stacking up, but I had plenty of time to get ahead before they got to this point. For that, I’m disappointed in myself. However, that just gives me more of an incentive to get ahead so thing’s do not add up as they have.

Bizzell Library at the University of Oklahoma. Accessed from Wikimedia Commons.

Week 8 Growth Mindset: Review

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Reflecting back from the beginning of the semester I think I have strayed from where I want to be in my mindset. I think having a growth mindset is very important, especially at this stage in life. My strengths in this class were getting things done early, until the past couple of weeks. I enjoy this class, so it frustrates me when I don’t give myself enough time to really enjoy the reading/writing.  However, it seems that  my strength has been turned into my weakness the past couple of weeks, as I have found it hard to complete all of the required assignments for the week. I plan to change things around the next half of the semester, and grow stronger in my strengths. I also think this class has grown me as a writer, and I plan to strengthen more there as well.

I found the dimensions of growth very interesting and true for probably most people. I do find myself doing the bare minimum when time is an issue instead of pushing myself further. Another interesting mindset is the focusing on grades rather than learning. That’s a hard one for me, because everyone wants an A. But what if students wanted to learn as bad as they wanted that A? Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy learning when it involves something I like, but I should be focused more on learning, and less about the grade.

So I challenge myself for the second half of the semester to try and continue to have the best growth mindset that I can. That being said, I’m holding myself accountable. Accountable for staying true to giving this a shot and maintaining focus. It’s easy to follow a plan or idea for a few days, but actually making it a lifestyle can be more complicated.

Image 1: Growth Representing in a Chart. Commons Wikimedia.

Week 8 Reflections: Progress

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Over the course of this semester I feel that I have developed a lot as a writer. I do think that I have been choosing readings that benefit me, due to my love for fairy tales. I’ve not strayed much from the fairy tales and folk tales because I enjoy both of those so much. I’m then able to create a story with such an imaginative view for fairy tales. I’ve never really taken notes similar to those required for this class during reading, I’ve more or less summarized the story. For this class I learned how to relate my reading notes to ideas for another story, rather than summarizing. The notes that I have been taking have helped me tremendously when writing my own stories. Generally I come up with many different ideas discussed in my notes and then actually follow through with either one, or many of them.

I’ve been happy with all of the stories that I have written for this class, some more than others. My favorite and most enjoyable story was Fairy Frog to the Rescue. I really enjoyed writing this story because I combined different aspects of two different short stories to bring together my own, unique story. I love that in fairy tales and folk tales you can make everything unrealistic and no questions are asked about it. This really lets the imagination able to soar! In the weeks to come I may try something new, but I do want to focus on the different cultural fairy and folk tales.

I’ve learned that I’m much more creative than I give myself credit for as a writer. I love that I’m able to read a story now and COMPLETELY change it around. I’m really happy with my storybook and I want to continue with it. I’m super excited about writing from my imagination on Pegasus finding love through the different cultures.

All in all, I think I’ve done a really good job at progressing as a writer this semester. The majority of the choices that I have made with reading and writing have been for my benefit. The one thing I want to do before this class is over is turn a story into the point of view from one of my favorite TV shows. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Image 1: Gorgeous Reflection accessed on Wikimedia Commons.