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Famous Last Words: Already 2 Weeks Complete?

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Time flies.. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was beginning college, and now I’m already 2 weeks into my final semester at OU? That’s so crazy to me.

As far as the first two weeks went, they’ve been crazy!

I began week 1 work for this class before the semester even started which was a tremendous help. I’ve been working every single day at work right after I get out of lab class until close. This makes it extremely hard to find time to work on school work. BUT, I’ve made it work.

This week I tried to get as much work done early in the week as I could. I’ve completed all of the assignments this week prior to Friday, so that I can work on week 3 assignments over the weekend. I’ll hopefully have some time to complete many more extra credit assignments this weekend as well. Needless to say, I’m proud of my progress thus far and I am excited to decide what to do for the project and get started on it!

Once again, my goal this semester is to complete all of the extra credit that I can as it will help me in the long run. I know there will be weeks that I’m struggling to find time to complete all of the assignments, so it will make that time less stressful. Because who needs any more stress in life? My one certain goal that I KNOW I can do is to complete at least this extra credit assignment each week. It excites me to do this assignment, because it’s sort of like a diary. I get to keep up with my weekly progress both in and out of school. This will also be super cool to look back on as I progress further into my future.


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