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Time Strategies: Not Too Busy

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I really enjoyed The Myth of “Too Busy” by Tim Grahl. This semester I’m only enrolled in part time credit hours due to working full-time and trying to prepare for my future. Since I feel as though I’m always crazy busy going straight from Capstone lab each Tuesday through Thursday to work, I gladly clicked on the article that portrayed “too busy” as a myth. I found much of the article helpful, because there is so much time in the day to complete and achieve goals that you set. The main point was to prioritize time wisely, and plan each day ahead of time. Instead of feeling as though I’m always busy, this article has helped me realize that I just prioritize my time, and I can adjust my schedule to further do so.

The second article I read was Four Questions to Help You Overcome Procrastination. It sounded oddly familiar as I read through the blog. I looked back to last semester, and I actually chose to write about this same article. That really tells me that one of my biggest worries is procrastination, and I want to do everything I can to avoid it. Reading through the article a second time just gave me a new motivation to overcome procrastination completely, which l actually overcame a lot last semester.

In my opinion, I prefer to get assignments done early when given the opportunity so that I don’t have to worry about them later. My main strategy is to get what I can done early, and if I can’t, then adjust. Since I’ve taken the mythology course, I feel that I have a jump-start in maintaining a time schedule that works. It’s really hard for me to stick to a set schedule, because I usually like to begin my work whenever I have any free time. I would like to do all the work for each week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s. However, if I have free time where I can jump ahead, I will do so.


Image one:  Time is our most precious resource found on wikimedia commons.

Technology: Learning More

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Just as slow computer monitors have transformed into fast, slim, laptops, brick phones have turned into iPhones. The rate at which technological advances occur is absolutely crazy. Growing up in this fast pace society means that everyone must keep up. In an online educational environment, I’m so thankful for last semester’s class! It really has helped me learn how to use many online sources that I had no clue about, as well as to better communicate with others online.

I think that blogging is always a good tool to understand and use. In the future, everything is going to turn more and more to online (as if it hasn’t already, right?). The use of communication online will help not only education majors, but microbiology majors, and the majority of others.

One new tool I’m excited to work on this semester is the graphic creation! I’m really not sure if I did any last semester, but how cool is it to create your own graphics? Another tool that most people have heard of (bookmarking) is actually so important in this class. Last semester I thought I could just return to each website through my blog post tags. BUT, bookmarking them is so much easier, and makes a lot more sense. So here’s to a great semester of learning many new tools!

Bibliography: Image one of technology accessed from Max Pixel.

Assignments: New Semester

I’m very familiar with most of the assignments and structure of this course since I took mythology and folklore last semester. I know it does seem a little much at first, but I can’t wait to get in the hang of things and on a set schedule again.

The reading each week is a real essential in this class, as it gives the base for storytelling, as well as the understanding of the unit. I generally really enjoy the reading, and I also enjoy telling my own story from the reading. It gives me a chance to break the monotony of other class work and let my imagination fly. The project is really tough at first in the decision stages, but once I figure out exactly what I want to do, it will be so much fun again.

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Extra credit makes anyone happy, right?

I mean, just doing one or two extra credit assignments a week can help finish the class up before dead week. I was so proud of the pace I worked at last semester that allowed me to finish early, and I hope to do the same this semester! My favorite extra credit option is the famous last words. It really allows me to pause and think about my week. Also, it’s cool to have a “diary” of how the entire semester went in school and outside of school on a blog.

Bibliography: Cat extra credit meme by Paul Anderson, found on Flickr.

Growth Mindset: The Second Time Around

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I feel like the picture above completes my feelings on the growth mindset. Carol Dweck is such an inspiration, so I was happy to watch the videos about growth mindset, and to get back into the mindset mentally as the semester nears closer. I still agree with last semester’s blog I wrote, and the importance that maintaining such a mindset has. This will be the second semester of learning and understanding the growth mindset further, and I feel that it has helped my mentality in school work and everyday life. I look forward to completing more of the growth mindset challenges and progressing more.

I went back and read through my growth mindset blogs from last semester to begin, and I was reminded just how helpful it was for me at the time. Not only does this mindset apply in school settings, but it applies in everyday life settings as well. I also posted blog reflections each week, which further helped in my progress with schoolwork and time management. It’s hard having a job and completing course work semesterly, but I’ve realized that it becomes a lot easier with the right, positive mindset!

Personally, I think this online class is also something that you have to have a growth mindset in. You can complete all the work if you believe in yourself, and if you don’t, there’s next time! There are so many opportunities to learn and succeed. It’s so great that there are so many extra credit options in this class, and allows students who may be behind to catch right back up.

Bibliography: Growth mindset meme accessed from Flickr.

Storybook Favorites: Indian Epics

The storybook that first caught my attention was Animal Cruise.

The image in the introduction sets the story up great providing great imagery for the cruise journey that’s about to take place. I think this is such a creative idea, and it’s something that I have not found this type of approach to. I do know a little bit about Ramayana, but I have a lot of learning left to do in that area. I love the touch of comedy as well as the monkey introductions! This is definitely a complete storybook that I’d want to read once learning more about Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Brothers Forever:

I was a bit confused when reading the introduction about all the different relations and what story line this would entail. However, I did like how it contained a brief background to help with my confusion. If it were a topic that I was much more familiar with, I would’ve understood much more. That being said, by the end of the semester, this story would probably make much more sense to me.  It followed the same basic set up as the first story did, but was a bit more scattered in context.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The title of this one immediately grasped my attention. I really liked the layout used here, as well as the colors of the storybook. I also found that at the end of each section, the author had a link to the next section, as well as the headings at the top right hand corner to easily navigate the storybook. I think the author does a good job at sticking to one topic, making it broad, but being able to focus on a big picture while maintaining understanding. The diary entries are such a good idea, and allow the reader to understand the emotional levels of the characters!  I also really liked the pictures used in this storybook, especially the main page pictured above.


Image One: Cruise Dining Room accessed from Royal Caribbean Cruise and found as an image in Animal Cruise.

Image Two: Found in The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and accessed from Beauty.

Introduction to a Future Barrel Racer

Hello everyone! My name is Amber, but I go by Chelle, and I’m currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma. My major is Standard Microbiology, which I absolutely love! It’s really cool, because observing and understanding Microorganisms at such an intense level is amazing, as it has SO much to do with our everyday lives.

(Microbiology Lab Cultures: Photo by Iqbal Osman 1:Flickr)

My biggest accomplishment last semester was finally acing how to time manage (yes, I know it’s senior year, LONG TIME!) class work and a job. I say “acing” like I’m good at it, I’m really not, but I’ve figured out how to make it work as much as possible! I work as a Pharmacy Technician, which leads me to my career goals. I plan to attend Pharmacy School in the Fall of 2018, and become a Pharmacist. If this career option does not follow through, I have many other ideas in mind such as PA school, getting my Masters, or even just finding a laboratory job. My long-term goals are much different though, as my big dream goal is actually to hit the rodeo road and make it to the National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas in the Women’s Barrel Racing. I’ve been barrel racing since I was a youngster, and horses really are my passion. I own five horses, which live with my parents in North Texas. Due to this, I frequently head home on the weekends to enjoy the country. These five horses are all so different, and each has a personality of their own. My favorite hobby is definitely to spend time with these horses, rodeo, jackpot barrel race, ride the trails, hit the lake, or even just walk around the barn together.

(Personal photo enjoying time horseback at the Blue Ridge Riding Club: Fall 2013)

Other hobbies I enjoy are hanging out with both family and friends, watching one of my many favorite TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, PLL, The Walking Dead, Army Wives, One Tree Hill), traveling, and of course, hanging out with my dog, Jemmah. Jemmah is a three-year old lab mix. Her favorite thing to do is to go to the Dog Park and run free with all of her puppy friends, especially in the Summer months where they can all swim. She also loves chasing our golf-cart up and down the road on our land, as well as sleeping all day. As obvious as it may be, I have a special place in my heart for all animals.(Personal photo of Jemmah and I in front of the Christmas Tree: December 2016)

Favorite Place: The Beach or Home?

This is always a hard topic to come up with only one favorite place, or even just a few favorite places. Due to living on a college budget and the lack of time, I’ve only traveled a limited amount, all within the United States. Here are my top 2 favorite places that I have been, as well as a short explanation of each.

HOME: Yes, this may be typical, but my all time favorite place (money saving too) is home sweet home. I refer to home as my house, or rather my parent’s house, located in North Texas. I consider this home because it’s where my family lives, where I was raised, and where my many animals reside. We have plenty of land here, making it a much more cozy getaway opposed to my apartment in Moore.

Destin, Florida: I absolutely adore Destin because of the white sandy beaches, glorious views, close proximity to TONS of shopping, good food, amazing Florida attractions, and the list could go on and on. But what I love most is the memories this place holds, as it was my very first actual vacation when I was young. My aunt and her family live within an hour of Destin, making this the ultimate place we would always gather when visiting, now making it a tradition to go every year.


Image One: Destin Beach Waves found on Flickr. Photo by Kristin Nador.