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Famous Last Words: Better Late than Never

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Welp, here I am writing this post 3 hours before the grace period is over. To say I’ve had an amazing weekend is an understatement. Since I live close to Dallas, my friends from work in OKC came down to TX for the weekend. We went to haunted houses on Friday, Six Flags Fright Fest on Saturday, and Downtown Dallas for the aquarium and multiple museums on Sunday. Looking back, it definitely was not the best idea to plan this weekend during the craziness of fall assignments, but you have to have fun sometimes, right?

This week I was doing great at getting my assignments done for this class. I had this weekend planned for a while, so I wanted to get ahead and complete all of the work by Thursday. This obviously didn’t happen. BUT, better late than never, right? So here I am finishing up this weeks assignments. All I have left to do is the project, which is what I wanted to spend the most time on. So for that reason, I am saving it for last this morning, while still leaving enough time before the deadline at noon. I keep saying that I want to complete more extra credit assignments and I keep putting it off and finishing the necessary work.

For the future, I STILL plan to work ahead and try to complete more of the extra credit assignments. I know I can do it (again, since my hours are cut), I just have to stick with it and STOP watching Netflix in my free time. I want to finish the semester in this class early, and I know I can so long as I don’t give up. Last semester in mythology I was able to finish early and it was so nice to have completed a class before dead week and focus on my other classes alone.

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Week 10 Story: Spot, The Turtle Who Never Knew When To Shut Up

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Dr. Knight’s farm was home to the most gorgeous geese known to man-kind. Thousands of geese roamed the land and could be found souring through the skies, playing in the water, and rummaging for food along the farm ground. Two of these geese included Betty and Boop. These two were twin sisters, and they were always sent out to recruit more geese to the farm land.


One day while Betty and Boop were flying along through valleys, they came across a small green shell lying on the ground.

“Excuse me sir, are you alive?” Betty spoke as she prodded the shell.

Out popped Spot, “Yes most certainly I’m alive! How are you? Where do you come from? I haven’t seen geese in a while!”

This sprung forth hours of conversation between Spot, Betty, and Boop. They became the best of friends, and the twins decided that Spot must come to their most treasured farm with them.

“I’m not sure how Dr. Knight will feel about a turtle joining us instead of another goose, but we can’t leave our new-found best friend here alone,” Betty spoke as Boop nodded in accordance.


“Spot, we have a plan!”

Betty and Boop walked towards Spot with a stick between the two.

“You have one job, Spot. All you have to do is bite onto the stick and not open your mouth for a single word. We will fly you to our paradise.” They spoke.

Spot was quick to agree and bit onto the stick.


30 minutes into the journey everything was going as planned. They were more than halfway to the palace when they were crossing over a town full of children.
“Hey EVERYONE, look up there! There’s a stupid turtle being lifted by geese!” A small child shouted as the crowd make eye contact and laughed.

Spot immediately hollered back, “OH YEAH, well  maybe you…” and the words dwindled off as he fell to the ground losing grip of the stick.

“I GOT HIM, I won a turtle!” the same small child screamed running towards his mother. “I’m going to take him home and keep him forever!”

“Maybe I should’ve just kept my mouth shut and none of this would’ve ever happened…” thought Spot.

Author’s Note: In The Turtle Who Couldn’t Stop Talking, two geese were looking for food when they stumbled upon a turtle. Both geese became friends with the turtle and they wanted to fly him back to their home. Since the turtle couldn’t fly, the geese held a stick with one at each end and had the turtle hang onto the stick with his mouth. Everything was going to be okay as long as the turtle didn’t talk. Unfortunately, talk and ridicule heard from village children caused the turtle to pipe in, letting go of the stick. If only he wouldn’t have talked… I decided that instead of the turtle falling to his death that he’d be saved by a kid. The kid would take him home, and Spot would learn his lesson that way instead of actually dying.

Image One: Turtle found on Wikimedia Commons.

Jataka Tales by Ellen Babbitt

Reading Notes: Jataka Tales, Part B

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Elephants make me so happy. When I was reading The Elephant Girly-Face, I just knew that it’d be a blast to rewrite this story! Girly-face is also just SUCH an interesting name… Especially for an elephant. They described this elephant as being such a kind elephant, never willing or wanting to hurt anyone or anything. When Girly-face heard the robbers preparing to break in and kill, giving her bad ideas and the temptation to turn bad. The only way to fix her killing rampage was to send good people with good word to talk around her. I just thought it was such an interesting plot! I could rewrite this and have her kill the actual robbers that turned her into a bad elephant for some time. After the death of the robbers, she could be counseled by her keepers and be good evermore.

Another idea could be to combine the previous story with The King’s White Elephant. He could turn good again after his father that had been treated nicely by carpenters came to visit. The king could still save the white elephant and pay the carpenters, but it would just be cool to have the story about both Girly-face and the white elephant together!

The Crab and the Crane sounds oh so familiar!

The crab in this story makes me so happy. The crane was so proud and felt so successful that he was able to trick all the fish, but the crane wasn’t going to let him live that way! I could really rewrite this story with different animal characters. Or… the characters could be the same animals with more personality. The storyline could change a bit, and the crab could actually bring the fish back to life that the evil crane killed? Somehow? I just really enjoy happy endings (especially for animals), so I don’t want the fish to all be dead from the evil animal.

Image One: The crane on Wikimedia Commons.

The Jatakas Tales of India written by Ellen Babbitt.

Reading Notes: Jataka Tales, Part A

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I really love the Jataka tales and the involvement with animals as main characters. For that reason, I’ll most likely be sticking to this category for most of the reading. The retelling of The Monkey and the Crocodile was so similar but different to the original one I read earlier in the year. It begins with the crocodile giving rhyme and reason to why her son was sent to retrieve the heart of a monkey. It makes me laugh that the crocodile was stupid enough to think that the monkey actually left his heart in the tree and took him back to get it and retrieve it for him after telling him he wanted the heart to eat. This story actually has a part 2 as well. I could continue my original story with Chester and Waylon. I ended the story with Waylon atop a stump in the large lake to confess of his sins and pray. A part 2 could go in many different directions. I would probably want to make a happy ending for both Chester and Waylon. The confessions and prayer could really heal Waylon. He could apologize to the other crocodile and become best friends with the crocodile’s. Who knows…

The Turtle who Couldn’t Stop Talking was also such a cute tale. I mean, I felt so bad for how the story ended with the turtle falling to his death because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Maybe I could have the turtle learn a lesson but live to tell about it. He could open his mouth, fall off of the stick, but be caught by a different animal. He would probably then hide in his shell until he realized what he had done wrong and learned how he could fix it. BUT, who wants the turtle to learn to stop talking so much by dying? Turtles are too cute to die!

Image One: Turtles and Geese on Wikimedia Commons

The Jatakas Tales of India written by Ellen Babbitt.