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Reading Notes: Twenty Jataka Tales, Part B

I really wanted to finish the Twenty Jataka Tales this week, and since I missed the due date, I’m going to use this reading as my extra credit reading option. Once again, these have been my favorite readings in this class. I adore Jataka tales, and it’s wonderful to me that they use animals as the main characters.

I loved the little poem in The Patient Buffalo that the monkey said stating that he’s not afraid of the buffalo and the buffalo isn’t afraid of him. The buffalo was really my favorite character. This story reminded me of when children will poke and prod the parent to get what they want. The monkey got no reaction from the buffalo so he finally was sent away by the fairy. When children get no reaction from a joke or whatever, they typically tend to pipe down a bit. I just loved the buffalo’s attitude. He also reminded me of Eeyore. This could be re-written with Eeyore as the buffalo and maybe tigger as the monkey? The plot could be changed to where the fairy doesn’t send tigger away, but tigger could figure out the annoyance and fix it.

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The Great Elephant was another favorite of mine, mostly because I LOVE elephants. I was a bit confused at first when the elephant was telling the weak people that there was an elephant down there to eat. It all made sense when he crashed his body from the hill to the exact spot he spoke of an elephant being. The men were so thankful but at the same time they didn’t want to eat their very own friend. But they knew if they didn’t eat him, his sacrifice for them would’ve been all for nothing. The elephant gave his own life to save the hundreds of men lost in the desert. I could make my own story, but instead of the sacrifice being the elephant’s life, I could make it something less detrimental.

Image One: Elephant found on Wikimedia Commons.

Twenty Jataka Tales by Noor Inayat (Khan)

Famous Last Words: What a Week

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If the image above doesn’t describe this week perfectly than nothing does…

For starters, my napping and procrastination habits for the week have been at an all-time high. It’s strange how that works. I cut down on my hours at work and somehow end up having less time to work on and complete my homework? Nope, that’s not acceptable.

In capstone everything has been going well, and I am getting more and more excited the closer that we get to the end of the semester in there. The overall experiment project is definitely tough, but it will be so worth it if I ever decide to go into a research lab. I’ve learned a lot of skills and techniques, and I can’t wait to see the final product of my experiment.

I missed the second reading and storytelling assignments this week, and I’m so annoyed at myself for letting that happen. There’s no excuse since my week hasn’t even been that crazy, honestly. Since there’s a grace period for assignments, I plan to wake up tomorrow morning (since I don’t have class) and get straight to work on some extra credit options for week 11. I have completed the first reading, project, and project feedback today, but I plan to finish blog comments after this post. An easy extra credit assignment that I also really enjoy is the extra commenting. I like to find the stream of posts on canvas and choose from that list to comment on peoples blog posts. That way I’m actually reading different posts for different assignments rather than the introduction and storytelling.

As the semester nears the end, I’ve got to step up and find motivation for graduation. The fact that I could seriously complete this class before Thanksgiving if I wanted to and set my mind to it is very exciting. My plan is to finish early, and to do that I HAVE to get back ahead. I know I say this every week, but this week my main focus throughout the week is to get ahead in this class. I enjoy the work in here, and I want to find ample time to sit down and enjoy working on the assignments.

Image One: What a week this has been accessed on Gina’s blog by Brunna.

Reading Notes: Twenty Jataka Tales, Part A

For some reason, these Jataka tales as told by Inayat seemed more developed than the previous tales I’ve read. Many of these stories are so similar and just different versions of the other Jataka tales I’ve read. For that reason, I tried to find the ones that aren’t related and give me a whole new set of ideas.

My favorite of these first tales was The Guilty Dogs. Why? First of all, because it includes both of my favorite animals in it (horses & dogs). It also is so fitting! Young dogs especially could be suspicious for taking and eating something that is needed! When the guilty dogs destroyed the royal chariot equipment I thought it was so funny! Though obviously it wasn’t funny to the royalty since they ordered for all of the dogs to be killed (which made me furious at first). I liked the twist during the story that it was the royal dogs and they were after the city dogs. Come to find out, the royal dogs were the guilty ones. I could do so many different versions of this story. The dogs could go for a different activity and steal the harness and run around with the chariot instead of destroying it. That way, there would be no proof of who actually did it, and the king would just have to take the royal dog’s word for who did it.

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I found great joy in reading The Golden Feathers. I can just picture a fairy turning a father setting out to provide and find fortune for his family into a goose with gold feathers. I wondered what the wife and children were thinking about their husband/father never returning? I could tell this from the daughter’s point of view. The daughter could end up finding out that it was actually her dad flying and providing their fortune, and this could cause a change of events. I would still keep the story the same in relations that the father flies far away after being robbed and mistreated by his own wife, and when she finds out she has to live with that regret. It’s a life lesson that she had to find out the hard way, but I really want to provide a whole family reaction to the events.

Image One: Golden Goose accessed on Wikimedia Commons.

Twenty Jataka Tales by Noor Inayat (Khan)