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Famous Last Words: Dead Week?

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This picture describes me perfectly right now. I look up to the sky and wonder. I wonder what I’m going to do after graduation before attending Pharmacy School. I wonder where my life is heading and where I’m going to go. So much wondering. But one thing is for sure, I’m graduating December 15th! As exciting as it is, there’s also added stress. But for now, I’m going to try to relax as much as possible and look to the sky and dream. Dream big and never give up.

It’s now that I realize how far behind I’ve gotten from the schedule I wanted in this class. I missed a few “famous last words” posts which I said I wouldn’t do. I wanted to keep up with each weeks progress. For the most part I was successful. I’ve just gotten lost in work and how much work capstone class has been. I’m beyond thankful that I stayed ahead the whole entire first half of the semester and gave myself room to miss a few assignments.
Week 14 was a very tough week with my other course work. The only assignment I was able to complete early in the week was one reading assignment. I’m so thankful for the Sunday deadline on many assignments and the opportunity for extra credit (which I’m now taking the advantage of).

After the completion of this class, I have to finish my experimentation and write my final paper for capstone class. I’m stressing so much about capstone. I’m about to start writing what I can of the paper until I get my final results tomorrow and can quantify results and prepare my discussion.
I’ve definitely came a long way and I’m thankful for everything this class has taught me. I enjoyed reading the work of my classmates, which has also taught me so much. I will most likely continue to blog (I really enjoy it). I might even make a new blog page for something horse related.

Image One: A picture of me on December 3rd at the University of Oklahoma.

Reading Notes: More Jataka Tales, Part A

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I read a different version of Jataka Tales written by Ellen Babbitt earlier in the semester. I really enjoy the use of illustration in her pieces signifying an illustrator, and I enjoy the retelling of Jataka stories.

In The Monkey and the String of Pearls, I found it an interesting point that the string of pears were such a treasure. They were so highly treasured that a servant kept eyes on the jewellery box. As soon as the servant fell asleep the monkey was quick to grab the string of pearls and hide them. As soon as the servant awoke, she found the string of pearls had been stolen, screamed it, and guards showed up everywhere. Again, these pearls were so treasured. The king ordered them to immediately discover who stole the beads, and I thought it was very interesting how they did so. I feel like in real life, this definitely wouldn’t have worked out to where the plan identifies the thief, and I could create a modern approach to this story. Better yet, I could tell this story from the Girl monkey who stole the pearls point of view. One thing I’ve noticed is there’s always many Jataka tales involving monkeys!

Another story I really enjoyed and would like to recreate is the Red-Bud Tree. I thought this tale was different from the general tales here, and I enjoyed the differences. Since the four princes saw the red-bud tree at different times of the year it looked different to each of them. Only one lucky son actually saw the red buds on the tree, so the rest of them thought it was a phony. Interestingly, they didn’t realize that different seasons mean different actions and looks for trees. This reminds me though of how people can all be looking at the same thing, but they interpret it differently. If I were to re-write this story, I could use that as the main point. I do like this tale though, and I could even just give more detail and have the same storyline as this one.

More Jataka Tales by Ellen Babbitt. 1922.

Image One: Brown Spider Monkey found on Wikipedia.