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Famous Last Words: A Challenging First Week

Hours of Netflix Binging: Photo by ikramelhossni on Flickr

This first week of classes has been challenging for me, as my mind is still stuck in the “break” mode. Along with watching way too much Netflix and catching up with friends I haven’t seen all break, I worked in the Pharmacy more than usual. I did complete most of the work for week 1 in this class prior to classes starting, and for that I’m so thankful.  I’m not quite sure how I would have gotten it done if I had not started early.

Although I planned to stay ahead in this class and am already falling at about the due date time of assignments by the end of the week, I am still planning to catch up and get ahead in week 2 as things start to settle down in my chaotic life schedule, though for these first few weeks I’ll still be trying to adjust my schedule. I am excited to try to get ahead and put an emphasis on the schedule that you have laid out for recommended hours based on when my schedule is the least busiest.

Reflecting back, I’ve learned that I really have a creative side in my mind, and I LOVE to write about it. This class may be sort of an outlet to my other classes. Although it’s a lot of work, I do think it will help me grow in my writing, personality, mindset, and creativity! The hardest part of this course thus far has been setting side enough time to complete the reading’s and blog writing with time to have fun with it. I do think I did a very good job (had much enjoyment) this week since I started early, but I do hope that I continue to have ample time to enjoy the assignments instead of completing them at the last minute.

In other classes, I feel that I honestly still have no idea what is expected yet, and I’m hoping this week those things will change. It seems like my lab class has been chaotic, lectures for my others stressful waiting for my textbooks, and basically just trying to adjust to new Professor’s and their specific ways is tough. I’m also excited for things to settle down in my life, as well as all of my other classes to make me much happier and calmer. 🙂 I’m convinced that this WILL be a good semester.