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Week 1 Review: Keeping Up

It’s Free! Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wow, I didn’t realize that so many course announcements had been posted. I did read the first few announcements early in the week when I noticed them published, one including the beginning of Spring Semester. I was specifically interested in this one because it gave essential information to succeed and do well in this class. Not only did I find out great information and ideas of what you expect from us, I found a schedule for events on campus where free thing’s are handed out. Yes, that means free breakfast! Generally anywhere that anything is free on campus, my friends and I like to go. For that reason, this would be my favorite item that I found in the announcements, along with the great memes for this day. I love that you add events that are on campus and keep us updated with the class, as well as featuring Storybook’s, adding great memes, and basically spending a lot of time to ensure that we have a great experience in this class!

Famous Last Words: A Challenging First Week

Hours of Netflix Binging: Photo by ikramelhossni on Flickr

This first week of classes has been challenging for me, as my mind is still stuck in the “break” mode. Along with watching way too much Netflix and catching up with friends I haven’t seen all break, I worked in the Pharmacy more than usual. I did complete most of the work for week 1 in this class prior to classes starting, and for that I’m so thankful.  I’m not quite sure how I would have gotten it done if I had not started early.

Although I planned to stay ahead in this class and am already falling at about the due date time of assignments by the end of the week, I am still planning to catch up and get ahead in week 2 as things start to settle down in my chaotic life schedule, though for these first few weeks I’ll still be trying to adjust my schedule. I am excited to try to get ahead and put an emphasis on the schedule that you have laid out for recommended hours based on when my schedule is the least busiest.

Reflecting back, I’ve learned that I really have a creative side in my mind, and I LOVE to write about it. This class may be sort of an outlet to my other classes. Although it’s a lot of work, I do think it will help me grow in my writing, personality, mindset, and creativity! The hardest part of this course thus far has been setting side enough time to complete the reading’s and blog writing with time to have fun with it. I do think I did a very good job (had much enjoyment) this week since I started early, but I do hope that I continue to have ample time to enjoy the assignments instead of completing them at the last minute.

In other classes, I feel that I honestly still have no idea what is expected yet, and I’m hoping this week those things will change. It seems like my lab class has been chaotic, lectures for my others stressful waiting for my textbooks, and basically just trying to adjust to new Professor’s and their specific ways is tough. I’m also excited for things to settle down in my life, as well as all of my other classes to make me much happier and calmer. 🙂 I’m convinced that this WILL be a good semester.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Image: Photo by Steve Davis on Flickr

Prior to this assignment, I had never heard of Carol Dweck or the growth mindset before. She’s so right on so many different levels, and I love the perspective that she takes on this subject matter. I can see how having a growth based mindset could help individuals strive. For example, I barrel race when I have any free time at all to do so. In this sport, the horse that completes the Cloverleaf pattern the fastest wins in a rodeo setting. This means that if you aren’t the best, or within the top five, you probably will see no paycheck for the event. After a few bad rodeo’s the mind could easily dwindle and encourage an individual to just give up. However, in a growth mindset, the encouragement of continual improvement, or not yet (maybe next time) would keep the individual competing! Just because you don’t own the best bred horse, the fastest horse, or have the nicest trailer, your horse can still compete with all of the others if given the effort that a growth mindset instills.

In a school setting, I see myself as having more of a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. That being said, I do have characteristics of a fixed mindset. In today’s day and age, it does seem hard to maintain such a positive mindset based on the constant pressure to perform and ONLY achieve A’s to accomplish lifelong goals. It’s like society kinda sways many individual’s mindsets without even knowing what’s taking place.

My biggest challenge with learning new things is the manner at which it is presented many times. I am a learner, I love to learn, but… If I don’t like the way a professor is teaching a class and don’t understand what’s going on, I tend to tune out. In these situations, I should learn to focus more and try to figure out what’s going on in the lecture on my own with outside sources. Instead of giving up on the topic, I should adjust and try harder. Learning more about a growth mindset will definitely help me in school work, as well as other aspects of my life. I’m excited to learn more about the growth mindset, and look forward to how much it will help.

Time Strategies

The clock is ticking illustration: Photo by Vimeo

Time management is a HUGE ordeal in college, so I do appreciate any help that I can get in this area. I skimmed most of the articles grasping the key points, but I found one particularly helpful. The article I chose to read in depth was Four Questions to Help You  Overcome Procrastination. This article has many valid questions that could possibly help to overcome the tendency to put assignments off. When I’m feeling relatively lazy, I will try to trick my brain into giving up procrastination by taking some of the advice from this article such as basically just forcing myself to get started, thinking of the consequences of what will follow if I don’t do the assignment then, and trying convince myself that it’s better to prioritize and get things done. I also reviewed the suggested schedule that you sent me. I think the schedule will work great when I fall into a consistent schedule due to me working both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and basically everything being hectic at the start of the new semester. I’m going to try to overcome procrastination and stay ahead in this class so that the deadlines don’t become a problem and I can work on assignment’s when I feel like being productive. The only strategy I have for time management is basically my job. Honestly, before I had a job it was really hard for me to manage my time based on me feeling that I had all the time in the world to do what I wanted, then assignment’s would sneak up on me and I’d rush to get everything done. With having a job and staying busy I’ve learned that I must manage my time to get everything done. So for that reason, it makes it relatively hard to procrastinate too awful much.

Reading Options for the Semester

Jewish Refugees- Croydon Airport: Wikimedia Commons

Week 2 Reading Option: Jewish Fairy Tales

I love fairy tales and the comedy to many of the fairy tales I’ve read in my lifetime. I thought this would be a great option for that reason, as well as seeing the differing versions from a Jewish culture. This will also add to my knowledge on fairy tales, as I’m sure I have not read any of these before. I’m somewhat familiar with fairy tales and their layouts. However, I’m not familiar with Jewish fairy tales. I think it will be cool and exciting to read the versions from this unit. I’m also familiar with the Bible, and am interested in the ties this makes with the Bible, and the people from the Bible.

Future Reading Option #1: Nigerian Folk Stories

Nigeria is always a place that has really interested me. My friends and I have especially been talking about it lately and seeing it in the news with the recent mistaken bombing there. Due to that, when I saw Nigerian Folk Stories I got really excited for this section and reading! I love how the readings are tied to such “obvious” realities in life, such as, “Why the Cat Kills Rats.” I will really enjoy the differing versions of these folk stories as told by Nigerian’s, as this is a culture that really interests me as well.

Future Reading Option #2: Women Saints of the Golden Legend

This option is something that I have no prior knowledge of. The middle ages was a really interesting time in European history, making this a have to read. What really struck my attention was the focus on women that disguised as men, as I know that was actually real life for many. I’m not positive that I will choose this one based on the language structure. I’m hoping that I can decipher the modified version and learn/appreciate the different structure. This basically gives me a good challenge that I want to accomplish!

Storybook Favorites

I really enjoyed viewing past storybook’s of the students from this class. I found many that I loved, so picking a favorite was hard. The three favorites I chose were CZECH News 9, Not to Touch the Earth, and Welcome to the Water. They were all very different in both content and layout, which gave me an even better idea of what the final project could entail.

Question Book, When What Comes Next is Unknown: by Wikimedia Commons

First Favorite: Not to Touch the Earth written by: Jenna Morris

I didn’t know anything about the topic when first reading the post. The title really intrigued me, and the introduction made me want to continue reading the story. She did a very good job at drawing in the reader’s attention. I liked how she set up the tone quoting characters to introduce them. The layout was very well put together as well, and I think the picture that she chose pulled the reader in more, as it reminded me of something you’d find as a building was caving in from a dragon, or huge creature, slamming through chasing you.

Second Favorite: Welcome to the Water written by: Amanda

When I first saw this title I immediately thought of mermaids. Mainly because what under world life could be better, or more interesting,  than that? I have heard many different stories about mermaids, and was interested to see how this took a turn much different than the typical story. This post had my favorite style in the introduction as she asked the reader questions in a manner that put the reader in the position of what they were about to read. There was a very fine line drawn between mermaids and sirens, making it interesting to determine what outcome these creatures would had. I loved the pictures differentiating between the mermaid and siren as well. All in all, the style and techniques used in this post were my overall favorite, and probably more of the approach that I will take towards my Storybook.

Third Favorite: CZECH News 9 written by: Sydney Stavinoha

My roommate is actually a Meteorology major and obsessed with weather, so I first clicked on this post associating news with weather. Although this wasn’t what I first expected, I enjoyed the idea and content in the post. I thought the tone was interesting, as it was news based and toned as so. The introduction did a good job at giving the reader an overview of what can be found in the actual contents of the story.  It felt as if I was watching the news on T.V. and they were giving a brief overview of the news they were going to discuss that day, so I thought she did a very good job at sticking to her theme.

Introduction to a Future Barrel Racer

Hello everyone! My name is Amber, but I go by Chelle, and I’m currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma. My major is Standard Microbiology, which I absolutely love! It’s really cool, because observing and understanding Microorganisms at such an intense level is amazing, as it has SO much to do with our everyday lives.

(Microbiology Lab Cultures: Photo by Iqbal Osman 1:Flickr)

My biggest accomplishment last semester was finally acing how to time manage (yes, I know it’s senior year, LONG TIME!) class work and a job. I say “acing” like I’m good at it, I’m really not, but I’ve figured out how to make it work as much as possible! I work as a Pharmacy Technician, which leads me to my career goals. I plan to attend Pharmacy School in the Fall of 2018, and become a Pharmacist. If this career option does not follow through, I have many other ideas in mind such as PA school, getting my Masters, or even just finding a laboratory job. My long-term goals are much different though, as my big dream goal is actually to hit the rodeo road and make it to the National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas in the Women’s Barrel Racing. I’ve been barrel racing since I was a youngster, and horses really are my passion. I own five horses, which live with my parents in North Texas. Due to this, I frequently head home on the weekends to enjoy the country. These five horses are all so different, and each has a personality of their own. My favorite hobby is definitely to spend time with these horses, rodeo, jackpot barrel race, ride the trails, hit the lake, or even just walk around the barn together.

(Personal photo enjoying time horseback at the Blue Ridge Riding Club: Fall 2013)

Other hobbies I enjoy are hanging out with both family and friends, watching one of my many favorite TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, PLL, The Walking Dead, Army Wives, One Tree Hill), traveling, and of course, hanging out with my dog, Jemmah. Jemmah is almost three years old, and is a Lab mix. Her favorite thing to do is to go to the Dog Park and run free with all of her puppy friends, especially in the Summer months where they can all swim. She also loves chasing our golf-cart up and down the road on our land, as well as sleeping all day. As obvious as it may be, I have a special place in my heart for all animals.(Personal photo of Jemmah and I in front of the Christmas Tree: December 2016)

Week 1 Story: The Black and White Horse Transition

Jimmy Joe was the most magical master in the entire East, or at least that’s what he imagined. He owned both a pure white and pure black horse, whose majestic flying capabilities were thought to have arisen from his magical dealings, and intrigued the entire town. Now Jimmy Joe wanted to further impress the ladies of the town and swore that he could combine both horses and create a noteworthy grey, flying Stallion. He further dealt when he told the entire town that not only could he create the grey Stallion, but also he could magically change the grey Stallion back into a solid black and white horse. Little did Jimmy Joe know, Piggly Pete was actually the only magical man in the town, and he was the one who secretly proclaimed flying abilities to his two horses while Jimmy took all of the credit. Now Piggly Pete decided to make a joke of Jimmy Joe and really test his “magic” abilities. He swarmed up the two solid colored horses and brought Jimmy Joe a grey horse that could not even fly.

Jimmy Joe prayed into the night “All I need is this horse to fly, then I can change it into both a white and black horse, and the town will love me, please make this happen.”

(The Greek Mythology, Pegasus (flying horse): Graphic by Firkin)

The next day, the whole town gathered to see what appeared to be Jimmy’s show of changing the “already changed” grey back into two flying solid colored horses. What they saw spread laughter throughout the entire crowd. The laughter continued strengthening when the “master” steadily tried to revert this standstill grey horse back into his two majestic flying solids, as no change occurred except for the bending of his want. When suddenly silence struck the crowd. Piggly Pete had whisked the gray horse to fly miles away, and called in both the flying white and black solid horses that Jimmy Joe had promised. The whole town stood in dismay as Piggly Pete had arisen to the challenge and completed something that Jimmy Joe had promised he could accomplish.

Jimmy Joe shrugged his shoulders, turned to the crowd, an was left speechless, as Piggly Pete shouted:
“I’m sorry to those in the crowd who this young man has promised something great and left them with nothing”

Jimmy Joe’s fate in the town was left at just that…

Author’s Note. In the original fable, an unknown man residing in the East proclaimed that he could turn two dogs (one black, one white) into a singular grey dog, and then revert the changes to have the black and white dog back. A wag gave this man troubles when he removed both dogs from the land and provided the man with a grey dog to change back into both a white and black dog. The man knew that he had gotten in deeper than he intended, and walked away. The town gathered and shouted how dismayed they were with the man and his likelihood to say something that he cannot follow through with. I decided to create two male characters with goofy names to lighten up the story and create personality. I transformed the dog idea into that with horses, while following the same plot of a dishonest man promising something that he could not follow through with. Also, I added in the idea of Pegasus, which is a flying horse in Greek Mythology.

Bibliography. “The Black Dog and the White Dog” from Indian Fables by Ramaswami Raju. Web Source.

A Few of my Favorite Places

This is always a hard topic to come up with only one favorite place, or even just a few favorite places. Due to living on a college budget and the lack of time, I’ve only traveled a limited amount, all within the United States. Here are my top 2 favorite places that I have been, as well as a short explanation of each.

HOME: Yes, this may be typical, but my all time favorite place (money saving too) is home sweet home. I refer to home as my house, or rather my parent’s house, located in North Texas. I consider this home because it’s where my family lives, where I was raised, and where my many animals reside. We have plenty of land here, making it a much more cozy getaway opposed to my apartment in Norman.


Destin, Florida: I absolutely adore Destin because of the white sandy beaches, glorious views, close proximity to TONS of shopping, good food, amazing Florida attractions, and the list could go on and on. But what I love most is the memories this place holds, as it was my very first actual vacation. My aunt and her family live within an hour of Destin, making this the ultimate place we would always gather when visiting.

(Destin Beach Waves: Photo by Kristin Nador)