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Week 1 Review: Keeping Up

It’s Free! Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wow, I didn’t realize that so many course announcements had been posted. I did read the first few announcements early in the week when I noticed them published, one including the beginning of Spring Semester. I was specifically interested in this one because it gave essential information to succeed and do well in this class. Not only did I find out great information and ideas of what you expect from us, I found a schedule for events on campus where free thing’s are handed out. Yes, that means free breakfast! Generally anywhere that anything is free on campus, my friends and I like to go. For that reason, this would be my favorite item that I found in the announcements, along with the great memes for this day. I love that you add events that are on campus and keep us updated with the class, as well as featuring Storybook’s, adding great memes, and basically spending a lot of time to ensure that we have a great experience in this class!