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Tech Tip: Google Site

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I’ve been working ahead, so I already had a tech tip written up for week 4 before learning and creating a  Google site. I created one for my storybook, and honestly had no idea how to create something like this before the helpful tech tip post. I’m by no means a pro at this, but I do appreciate how easily it’s set up for the user. I’ve never created my own site, except for a word press blog, and it was understandable how to create and maintain such a site.  Much more so than a word press blog that’s for sure. The way in which the instructor set up the instructions to follow was marvelous, and gave no troubles.

I’m excited that I now know how to create my own site, who knows how helpful that could be for any career. Not only that, but I’m proud that I’ll be able to view work that I completed in this class later on in life. I can keep the site for how ever long I want, as well as edit it whenever I want. I also like the ability to search images from right there on the google site. I look forward to working with this site and learning further how to create and maintain it successfully.

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Tech Tip: Google Timer

Taking breaks during school work is a very important part of it. If it weren’t for breaks, our brains would just be so overloaded, they’d finally hold up a “do not disturb” sign, not grasping any information that’s put into it. Not really, but that’s how I feel sometimes.
Anyways, when working on school work or studying I don’t really watch the clock unless I’m in a hurry. I look at my phone and surf the internet when I feel like it, then get into the mode of “ok at 10:05 I’ll start studying again.” But in my reality, this doesn’t generally work. Why you ask? My OCD kicks in, and if the clock hits 10:06 I MUST wait another 4 minutes, until the clock is at a number divisible by 5, 10:10. Anyways, these are probably all excuses, and just a way that I let myself get away with surfing for sometimes even an hour longer than I originally planned.
That brings me to the Google Timer. I had no idea that this existed, and though I have a timer on my phone, I feel that it would be much more sufficient for my laptop to scream at me when it was time to work on school work again, rather than my already distracting phone.

So yes, I do think that I will use the timer. I will probably use it most for personal time breaks. But, I also think that it would be useful to time myself doing school work. For example, if I want to study for each class a little each day, this would be a good way to allot certain times for each class to ensure they all get done.

Tech Tip: Canvas Mobile App

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I actually just recently downloaded this app prior to seeing this as an option for a tech tip this week. I’ve been annoyed that canvas emails me at the end of the day all of the events that have happened that day on canvas. I missed the nerve wracking little red dot on D2L to inform me that something is new.
After watching this video, I now realize that this was my fault, and the settings that I set. The app actually allows notifications to be sent to your phone when anything is added, all based on your preferences. I’m happy that I saw this, so now I will be informed of when professors change grades or add files on canvas without having to constantly sign online to canvas. So far, I think it’s a great app to have to keep up to date with course work on the go! The calendar option is also very neat, as it shows all of the upcoming assignments and their due dates.

Overall, this app is very useful.

Image 1: Iphone on the go by Janitors on Flickr