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Tech Tip: Canvas Mobile App

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I actually just recently downloaded this app prior to seeing this as an option for a tech tip this week. I’ve been annoyed that canvas emails me at the end of the day all of the events that have happened that day on canvas. I missed the nerve wracking little red dot on D2L to inform me that something is new.
After watching this video, I now realize that this was my fault, and the settings that I set. The app actually allows notifications to be sent to your phone when anything is added, all based on your preferences. I’m happy that I saw this, so now I will be informed of when professors change grades or add files on canvas without having to constantly sign online to canvas. So far, I think it’s a great app to have to keep up to date with course work on the go! The calendar option is also very neat, as it shows all of the upcoming assignments and their due dates.

Overall, this app is very useful.

Image 1: Iphone on the go by Janitors on Flickr

Growth Mindset: I Can

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The challenge that I’m doing is to believe in myself, my capabilities, and the foundation I have to get where I want to be. This can and will apply to me in each and every class, as well as outside of the classroom. Personally, I have many tasks that I have to accomplish before graduation. Not only is maintaining a high GPA a must, but the bar is raised for outside of the classroom as well. I have to do well at my job, because it is a start to what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have to take the PCAT and get an outstanding score so that I can apply and get accepted into Pharmacy School. I have a pure foundation in science, because I have learned at The University of Oklahoma.
Basically what I’m trying to say is that it gets hard to maintain a positive mindset when there’s so much to be accomplished in such a short amount of time. Not only that, but the months to come will impact me for the rest of my life if I don’t perform as well as I should. But, this is what we’ve worked our whole life for. The foundation has been set and needs to be trusted. I know I’m not alone in this, as many college student’s are going through the same exact stress.

This brings me to the fact that I CAN do this, I just have to maintain a growth mindset, and keep on going. ANYONE and everyone can get to where they want to be. You can’t give up. Giving up should not be an option, only positive vibes and belief! Great effort will always be rewarding, so it starts right away. There’s no “I can do that tomorrow,” there’s today.

Image 1: Source: Walt Disney Quote by Quotes Everlasting Flickr

Famous Last Words: Goals Can be Met

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This week’s reading, I learned that I really like the fairy tale style the best. It’s just something that I really enjoy, and especially the addition of animals to many of the tales, so this week was a little different for me. My favorite writing for this week was my story, Heroic Mr. Hick. I’ve found that I really enjoy taking time out of my day to sit down and just write. I’m a very creative person, and having science as a major you can’t really use creativity to your advantage really often. That’s one of the many thing’s I enjoy about this class, the opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

As far as time management goes, I’m happy that I got my Monday/Tuesday readings done in week 2, or I would not have had time to complete those assignments. The first free time during the week I had was Wednesday, and completing the story on the actual day that it was due was kind of annoying to me, because I want to push myself to turn everything in early. I thought everything would calm down when I got into a set schedule, but unfortunately, things have only became more hectic. So here I am, trying to complete extra credit assignments and finish both readings for week 4 before the week begins. My philosophy is that if I stay ahead, everything will be easier for me.

With my other classes being upper division 4000 level MBIO courses, working at the Pharmacy, studying for the PCAT, and just everyday life errands, I’ve really got to stay ahead, or I’ll fall really behind. This week’s classes did go a lot better, however, and I’m finally getting into the swing of the actual courses I’m taking, and getting a feel for how much work each one will be.

My goal this semester is to work further on my time management, study more, and have a successful semester! My goal for this class that I’m setting for myself is to finish early. I hope that if I stay ahead and caught up, I can finish early with no stress!

Image 1: Inspirational representation found on flickr by Justin Matthew and can be located here.

Week 3 Storytelling: Heroic Mr. Hick

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About 10 miles down Old Creek Road lived a young country farmer, Mr. Hick. He lived in a beat up, rusty old barn house many miles from any neighbors, and so far out that he had walk miles to hitch a ride to the store in town. He was a very friendly guy, aimed to please everyone he met, but for some reason, people always ignored him. He was treated like the town joke, and all of this for just being a genuinely friendly country guy, which the townspeople thought was strange.

This day in particular, Mr. Hick couldn’t find any of his neighbors that would give him a ride into town. He just ate his last piece of bacon, which left him with no food in his entire house. Contemplating on what to do in this dilemma, the farmer decided he would have to walk that 20 miles into town to grab something for dinner at least. This prompted him to fill a jug of water to accompany him on his hike to the store, as well as a large backpack to transport the groceries around. He began his journey mid morning, and hoped to make the trip as quick as possible.

Along the way, Mr. Hick found a quite interesting creature roaming the skies. It appeared to be a black, beautiful, eagle. This was extremely rare, he didn’t even know if what he saw was real or just a flash of his imagination. Hurriedly, he tried to determine where the eagle had flown to. Flustered, he had to continue on his journey, as he couldn’t spot even a slight hope that this creature actually existed. Mr. Hick made it into town around early afternoon, and exhausted, he sat on the bench in town and looked up to the sky.

“I’m already so exhausted that I tremble each step, how can I possibly make it back home after grabbing food?”

It was as if those few minutes off of his feet gave him a whole new perspective on life. That mystical creature that he believed he spotted sparked motivation.

“I’ve made it this far, I can do this!”

“I must find that black eagle and introduce myself, maybe he’s the one who’s been saving my crops?”
With that, the farmer gathered himself up and walked into the store. Another hour flew by, and he was ready to begin the long journey back to his land. About 2 miles into his journey, turning a sharp corner surrounded by woods, Mr. Hick was stopped in utter shock. The black eagle that he saw on his journey to the store was struggling for life. An evil Serpent had coiled so tightly around the eagle that he couldn’t break free, or even fight for his life.

“MWUAHAHAHAHAHA,” the Serpent chanted.

Suddenly, the Serpent was knocked off his pedestal as Mr. Hick grabbed the snake in a position where he was able to loosen the grip of the eagle.

“Th-th-th-th…” the eagle murmured, in an attempt to say thank you, as he couldn’t make out any clear words.

“My pleasure, friend. Now time to introduce myself, are you the….” the farmer spoke, when the eagle flew off and left him mid sentence.

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“Hmmmmm,” thought the farmer.

“I just saved that nice eagle’s life and he flies away so quickly?”

[Unbeknownst to the farmer, the Serpent had slithered on over to his jug of water and released loads of poison into his drinking water that would surely kill him.]

Confused, the farmer went to gather his stuff and continue on his journey. After walking about 5 more miles and almost reaching the halfway point, the farmer decided that it was time for him to sit down, drink some water, and take a nice long break. As he grabbed the water jug from his bag and placed it to his lips the eagle swooped by stealing the water jug right out of his hands!

“HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY,” shouted the farmer, as he quickly leaped at a last attempt to recover his jug.

The attempt failed, and the eagle disappeared into the darkening sky, leaving the farmer perplexed.

A strong, heroic, act of kindness is repaid

Author’s Note:

In the short story, “The Serpent and the Eagle,” the story begins with a serpent surprise attacking an eagle, leaving him no room to attack back, and wailing to the soil. Suddenly, a countryman appeared, witnessing the unequal competition. He freed the eagle from the grasp of the serpent, and the serpent was furious. The serpent unleashed poison in the countryman’s “drinking horn,” and the countryman went on about his life unknowing. When thirst struck him, he filled his horn with spring water. The eagle then flew down and swooped the horn from him, hiding it to where it would never be found. The story ended with a moral of a kind act well repaid. In my version, I spent a lot of time setting up the story line with great emphasis on the location setting and characters. I incorporated a somewhat foreshadowing effect on the black eagle and it’s importance in the story. I added many new scenarios and ideas in my version, and dialogue to boot. I did want to end with the same moral of a kind act being repaid, but I also added a twist to mine, making it more of a heroic story as well.


The Aesop for Children with Illustrations by Milo Winter. This text can be accessed here.

Image 1: Old Red Barn Picture. Source: Flickr, by fireboat895

Image 2: Black Eagle. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Reading Notes: Aesop (Winter), Part B

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I really like these stories, because I love how they are short, understandable, fun stories that all have some sort of “moral” to them. So to succeed in writing something similar, I need to have a relevant moral to the story. Similar to the first readings, The Ass and the Grasshoppers, the poor donkey listened to Grasshoppers (just because he admired their songs) and ended up dying because he only drank dew. This could be changed to begin the same, but take a turn for when the donkey figured out what the grasshoppers were doing (making a cruel joke to kill the donkey). This could then change to have the donkey get revenge on the grasshoppers, by some magical creature, KARMA. That could be the end justification that you can’t change nature. Since these are such short tales, I can probably add this in with some of my notes from the first reading section on the donkeys. One of the “morals” that I really thought was discussed and played very well was the act of kindness always being re-payed as told in The Serpent and the Eagle. The country man saved the Eagle from being killed by the Serpent. The serpent filled his horn with poison, which the man was about to drink from when the eagle saved him. I wonder what the man was thinking after the eagle took his drink? This could also be a continued story plot, because how funny could that be? It could still end with the same main moral, keeping it along these lines, but it would REALLY be fun to write an ending to this, and change the characters some too. Maybe make the eagle a flying horse? Since I’m just SO obsessed with flying horses. I would also want to do some more character building, like go into more detail on the country man, and the location of everything. How strange and awesome would that be to casually find a flying horse in the midst of it all?


The Aesop for Children with Illustrations by Milo Winter. This text can be accessed here.

Image 1: Cool depiction of horse and warrior. Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Reading Notes: Aesop (Winter), Part A

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I really love how they portrayed the tortoise. That poor tortoise, can’t do anything right since he carries his house on his back, and you can’t get him out of his house! Oh the comedy I find in that idea. But at the same time, I felt so bad for the tortoise, and his short little legs having to carry his “whole house.” When he finally found ducks to help him see the world, his curiosity lead to him falling to the ground turning to pieces of rock. He was only trying to acknowledge himself to the crow and receive praise, poor guy. This makes me think of creating a plot similar to this one, but with a tortoise and flying horses. However, instead of the tortoise actually having a sad ending, I’d like to teach him his lesson, but somehow the second flying horse save him! So there would still be a happy ending! 🙂 My favorite story was probably The Ass and His Driver! I did NOT like the ending, as the poor donkey was abolished by the road he decided to take down the mountain. But, this story gave me really good ideas. I know how stubborn donkeys are, and I know that they want to do everything their way if given the chance. This story could be used, and given a happy ending, all while the donkey learns a lesson on not listening. Perhaps, there could be multiple donkeys that the whole town uses for travel between town to town. One donkey could be unreasonably stubborn, and the other two receive some kind of wonderful treat (maybe grass in the next town, when the donkeys haven’t had grass in years?). I don’t have full thoughts on that yet, just thought a story revolving around the stubbornness of donkeys would be hilarious! The Gnat and the Bull was a cool story because the gnat was so apologetic that  he had borrowed the Bull’s horn to rest, and the bull was basically like welp, didn’t know you were there, so don’t care. The lesson taught that we are more important to ourselves that in the eyes of the next person was quite interesting, though I’m not sure how this one could easily be created into a longer version. These fables generally taught the characters TOUGH lessons. The stories containing an “ass” really made me sad and want to re-write their outcome for them. I know that these animals can actually be very trainable if worked with in the correct way. So my idea is to make some sort of story to fair better for the donkey, while still teaching the donkey a lesson, just giving him a better ending. 🙂


The Aesop for Children with Illustrations by Milo Winter. This text can be accessed here.

Image one: Riding the donkey through town, picture by Wikimedia Commons