Favorite Place: The Beach or Home?

This is always a hard topic to come up with only one favorite place, or even just a few favorite places. Due to living on a college budget and the lack of time, I’ve only traveled a limited amount, all within the United States. Here are my top 2 favorite places that I have been, as well as a short explanation of each.

HOME: Yes, this may be typical, but my all time favorite place (money saving too) is home sweet home. I refer to home as my house, or rather my parent’s house, located in North Texas. I consider this home because it’s where my family lives, where I was raised, and where my many animals reside. We have plenty of land here, making it a much more cozy getaway opposed to my apartment in Moore.

Destin, Florida: I absolutely adore Destin because of the white sandy beaches, glorious views, close proximity to TONS of shopping, good food, amazing Florida attractions, and the list could go on and on. But what I love most is the memories this place holds, as it was my very first actual vacation when I was young. My aunt and her family live within an hour of Destin, making this the ultimate place we would always gather when visiting, now making it a tradition to go every year.


Image One: Destin Beach Waves found on Flickr. Photo by Kristin Nador.

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