Growth Mindset: The Second Time Around

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I feel like the picture above completes my feelings on the growth mindset. Carol Dweck is such an inspiration, so I was happy to watch the videos about growth mindset, and to get back into the mindset mentally as the semester nears closer. I still agree with last semester’s blog I wrote, and the importance that maintaining such a mindset has. This will be the second semester of learning and understanding the growth mindset further, and I feel that it has helped my mentality in school work and everyday life. I look forward to completing more of the growth mindset challenges and progressing more.

I went back and read through my growth mindset blogs from last semester to begin, and I was reminded just how helpful it was for me at the time. Not only does this mindset apply in school settings, but it applies in everyday life settings as well. I also posted blog reflections each week, which further helped in my progress with schoolwork and time management. It’s hard having a job and completing course work semesterly, but I’ve realized that it becomes a lot easier with the right, positive mindset!

Personally, I think this online class is also something that you have to have a growth mindset in. You can complete all the work if you believe in yourself, and if you don’t, there’s next time! There are so many opportunities to learn and succeed. It’s so great that there are so many extra credit options in this class, and allows students who may be behind to catch right back up.

Bibliography: Growth mindset meme accessed from Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Growth Mindset: The Second Time Around”

  1. I really like how growth mindset can be a bridge between the two classes like this, Chelle! It’s a chance to think about all the stuff you learned last time, and also to ponder what things you want to do this semester. I am really looking forward to reading more of your stories! 🙂
    Plus, that graphic is so cute: I was curious where it came from so I clicked on the image information and — small world! — I know the guy who made it, Kevin Hodgson (he’s an English teacher that I’ve been friends with online for a long time). I am going to ping him at Twitter to let him know his cartoon is part of our class this semester. Yay!

  2. Hi
    I made that comic above, and thanks for sharing it and using it to frame your reflection on Growth Mindset. It’s funny because I made the comic to poke fun at the mindset phrase, which I had seen about five times in a single day. But I do believe we can be thoughtful in how we approach things, including change, and sometimes, we need to expand our minds to get there. Good luck!

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