Introduction to a Future Barrel Racer

Hello everyone! My name is Amber, but I go by Chelle, and I’m currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma. My major is Standard Microbiology, which I absolutely love! It’s really cool, because observing and understanding Microorganisms at such an intense level is amazing, as it has SO much to do with our everyday lives.

(Microbiology Lab Cultures: Photo by Iqbal Osman 1:Flickr)

My biggest accomplishment last semester was finally acing how to time manage (yes, I know it’s senior year, LONG TIME!) class work and a job. I say “acing” like I’m good at it, I’m really not, but I’ve figured out how to make it work as much as possible! I work as a Pharmacy Technician, which leads me to my career goals. I plan to attend Pharmacy School in the Fall of 2018, and become a Pharmacist. If this career option does not follow through, I have many other ideas in mind such as PA school, getting my Masters, or even just finding a laboratory job. My long-term goals are much different though, as my big dream goal is actually to hit the rodeo road and make it to the National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas in the Women’s Barrel Racing. I’ve been barrel racing since I was a youngster, and horses really are my passion. I own five horses, which live with my parents in North Texas. Due to this, I frequently head home on the weekends to enjoy the country. These five horses are all so different, and each has a personality of their own. My favorite hobby is definitely to spend time with these horses, rodeo, jackpot barrel race, ride the trails, hit the lake, or even just walk around the barn together.

(Personal photo enjoying time horseback at the Blue Ridge Riding Club: Fall 2013)

Other hobbies I enjoy are hanging out with both family and friends, watching one of my many favorite TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, PLL, The Walking Dead, Army Wives, One Tree Hill), traveling, and of course, hanging out with my dog, Jemmah. Jemmah is a three-year old lab mix. Her favorite thing to do is to go to the Dog Park and run free with all of her puppy friends, especially in the Summer months where they can all swim. She also loves chasing our golf-cart up and down the road on our land, as well as sleeping all day. As obvious as it may be, I have a special place in my heart for all animals.(Personal photo of Jemmah and I in front of the Christmas Tree: December 2016)

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  1. Hello Chelle! You are still the one-and-only barrel racer (that I know of) in the history of Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics! The blog feed looks like it is working great (this post popped right up), and I am already wondering if you are going to do another horses project this semester, zooming in on the Indian tradition. Vishnu even has a horse-headed incarnation: Hayagriva!
    Anyway, you can see what you think about that when you start brainstorming in Week 2. There are all kinds of animal stories to explore if you want.

  2. Hi, Chelle! I loved your introduction, because it automatically reminded me of one of my best friends. His name is Blake Gill, and he studies Microbiology. Maybe you two have had a course together at OU. Like you, he is so passionate about his studies and the career he sees for himself in the future. I have a lot of respect for both of you! I am sure that your motivation will give you a good life. It’s great that you have multiple options you’re considering in case your first choice doesn’t work out. That’s a really smart plan, and I don’t think enough people are honest with themselves to consider that their first choice might not work out. I am sure you will do well in the future and I am excited to read some of your work this semester!

  3. Hey Chelle! I haven’t met any barrel racers before so that’s a first. I’ve also never been to a rodeo the closest I’ve ever gotten to a horse is riding a pony with someone pulling it along. So my experience with horses is like non existent so I think its cool that you not only know how to ride one, but that one of your goals is to compete.

  4. Chelle,

    Your post made me so excited because I meet very few people who also ride! I guess I am the complete opposite of you though because I ride english. I grew up doing hunters and equitation, and in high school started doing show jumping as well. Now, I have one of my older hunters here in Norman with me. I still ride nearly everyday, but I do not compete except for once in a blue moon. Luckily my sister still competes and has her own two horses in Dallas. She rides at The Paddocks Stables in Crossroads/Aubrey. Where do you ride in North Texas? I am very familiar with all the barns around there!

  5. Hi Chelle!

    You know, I think that I have ridden a horse only once in my life, so I am quite jealous that you have horses that you can pretty much ride and spend time with whenever you want. I have never been to a rodeo or heard of barrel racing either, but guessing from you passion for those things, those are probably some fun things to do. Also I love your dog; she looks so precious!

  6. Hey Chelle! I’ve never actually heard of barrel racing. I looked it up and learned something new from it! I think it’s hilarious that you just now figured out how to time manage. As I right this, my roommate is struggling to admit that she is drowning in homework (and she’s a super senior). Also, I was so confused by the sidebar. I thought you had worked that far ahead already, but then I realized that you have taken another class with this professor! Anyways, good luck with finishing up your degree!

  7. Hey Chelle!

    I think its awesome that you love horses. It’s not very common to know people who have their own horses, and even more uncommon to know someone who does jackpot races with them! I’ve always thought horses were pretty cool.

    I’m jealous that you’ve figured out the whole time management thing, I’m also senior and trying to figure it out myself.

    Hope you have a great rest of your semester 🙂


  8. Hi Chelle!

    Good for you on figuring out how to successfully time-manage. I am a senior too and I still struggle with that a lot of the time. Your long-term goals are so interesting. I can’t say I have ever met someone who dreams of making it in the rodeo world. That is so cool! Also, if I had five horses, I would go home to see them all the time too.

  9. Hi Chelle! I love your dog, I hope you know.

    Now that that is out of the way, I find it incredible that you are able to keep such a strenuous hobby as barrel racing up while you study at university. You really must have your time management down. Now if only I could figure out how you do it!

  10. Hi Chelle,
    Prior to reading your intro, I was unaware of what Barrel Rolling was, but after I am very interested. I always find it cool when somebody is really interested in something that may not be as popular as other things. I liked your thoughts on time management and I completely agree with you! Nice meeting you and I hope you have a great semester.

  11. Hi Chelle! First off, your dog is precious! I can definitely relate to hanging out with my dog and what not. They’re just too adorable. That’s awesome that you’ve found a way to manage time, it’s never too late to! I’m also a senior and this is my last semester…it’s still difficult trying to figure out how to manage my time, but I’m making it work as well! That’s really interesting that you barrel race, I don’t think I’ve ever seen/been to one. It’s great that you have options open in your career. It’s better to have that than be stuck with something, makes it easier to go with the flow if you aren’t. Good luck this semester and the years to come!

  12. Hi Chelle! Congrats on being a senior – you are almost done with your undergraduate education! I’m going to be a senior next year, and I’m conflicted on whether I’m going to be happy that my education is over, or if I will miss the whole experience….But there’s so much more after college anyway, right? Also, I LOVE your dog! I’m very much a dog person, so it makes me happy to see pictures of other peoples’ dogs. Good luck in your final year!

  13. Chelle,

    I have to agree with you that I am a dog person so I love to see what kind of dog you have. I will be a senior next year and do not think I am ready for the responsibility that is being a senior. I hope you have a great rest of the year and succeed in your life after college. I also hope to get to read more from you in the future!

  14. Hello Chelle,

    That is amazing that you want to be a Pharmacist! That is actually what I plan on doing as well! What inspired you to choose this career path? Also, reading your post reminded me of myself because I love horses as well. I don’t compete with my horses but ridding them sure do easy my mind and give me comfort. It is pretty cool that you compete with your horses. I wish you all the success!

  15. Chelle,

    I love your story! You definitely have your time all taken up from all of your activities, but you seem to be managing it well. I also used to race when I was younger. I have a few horses myself (I miss them so much while I’m at OU), but I always love talking about them when I meet other rodeo girls! Haha! Good luck with your science classes and labs; I admire science majors so much and look forward to reading your stories!

  16. Hi Chelle! You definitely seem to have a full schedule with all of your hobbies and activities. Thats so cool that you do barrel racing! I’m from Fort Worth and I go to the FWSSR every year and I love to watch the barrel races. I think it is super impressive to be able to turn your horse that sharply and quickly. Maybe i’ll watch you one day!

  17. Hi Chelle. That is so cool that you barrel race. I can’t imagine trying to figure out time management with all of the things you do, but it sounds like you have it under control! I feel like it can be hard to manage it every semester with new class schedules and work schedules. My roommate is also planning on being a pharmacist as well, which I think is super cool! Good luck with getting into pharm school and barrel racing!

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