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Nakula and Sahadeva/ Castor and Pollux

I’m still trying to brainstorm different ways to properly make a storybook involving these characters, along with those involved with them. I’ll probably be thinking about it for a while. BUT, this is by far my favorite suggestion. Castor and Pollux are such cool characters, and their parallel to Nakula and Sahadeva would be so fun to write about! I’m confused on how Ashvins ties into the story containing Nakula and Sahadeva still. The storybook could mainly be about Nakula and Sahadeva meeting Castor and Pollux from different times. Heck, they could even be horses in my storybook. The meeting could lead to several different things, either a rise up of each to fight eachother with their homeland, or simply each of the pairs telling their story as more and more characters get involved.

Airavata and Uchchaihshravas

The heavenly horse and the heavenly elephant who both are involved with Indra would be a really cool story line to tell. I could switch it up completely, but still keep the culture and legend behind it. I could begin the story with background and legend about Airavata and how the heavenly elephant is basically Indra’s transportation. Uchchaihshravas could come into the story wondering why he’s not worthy enough to carry Indra, who churned him from the ocean. The two could either turn on Indra and run away to other parts of the world to find different characters, or they could become best friends and I could contain dialogue to have many different conversations and stories between characters.


Uchchaihshravas really interests me, and I think I could create a story revolving around him. He’s a seven-headed, white horse that has so much legend involved with him. Similar to my project in mythology, I could have Uchchaihshravas travel to the different points in time where other indian epics horses arose. I would want to include his awesome appearance on Earth as he was said to have rose out of the milk ocean. Writing about Uchchaihshravas alone might be pretty difficult to come up with several different stories about, but it’s still a possibility.


Image One: Uchchaihshravas found on Wikimedia Commons.

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