Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part B

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The reading guides really help me out, as the first paragraph of reading B I’d already mistaken that Vidura is Pandu and Dhritarashtra’s wiser brother. Unfortunately since his mom was a servant or “slave girl” he was not allowed to be king. He would be a good character to create himself his own story. What if he could be king? Why does it matter that his mother was a servant? I know that it’s cultural, but I could change it to where he’s king.

Although the reading guides do help tremendously, I’m still confused and lost in all of the different characters. I’m generally able to separate the characters out, but they all seem to jumble together when recalling events and the outcome of those events. I really enjoyed all of the wilderness scenes in the Mahabharata. These scenes would be so much fun to rewrite as well. So many different things can happen in the wilderness, and obviously dangerous things as seen in the story. They could also encounter characters from the Ramayana! That’d be a fun plot.

Nalayani’s life with her 5 husbands is another idea that could be written as a story this week. I thought it was an interesting story to read, as she’s now Draupadi. The Pandava brothers are for sure something very strange and different to write about.

Keeping up with 5 husbands obviously would be a never ending task. I’m curious if I could rewrite something of this approach in the modern world. It could be 5 friends married to one woman? I could give modern problems they’d face. I’m still not sure what I want to do or write about. I have so many different ideas, but so many that I can’t fully develop.

For next weeks reading, I plan to set aside time to listen to your audio version. I really think that will allow me to slow down, think, and really understand and distinguish the characters. As for now, I’m still a bit confused at all of the events that have taken place in this weeks reading. I’m really enjoying the reading, it’s just hard for me to remember each characters part in each situation.


Image One: Draupadi at pachisi game accessed on Wikimedia Commons

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