Reading Notes: Ramayana Part C

File:Rama and Lakshmana at Conference with Sugriva, the Simian King, and Companions, Scene from the Story of the Burning of Lanka, Folio from a Ramayana (Adventures of Rama) LACMA M.86.345.14.jpg

After completing Part C reading, there are so many different stories I could create. I haven’t decided exactly what to write yet, but I feel like I want to make a modern day short story from a small section of the reading. There are so many options including the character conflicts between brothers, the death of Vali, etc. I could include just Sita’s side of view. I could even write this from Sita’s point of view if I wanted to stray from a modern approach.

Sugriva is Vali (ruler of monkey kingdom’s) little brother. The set began with Sugriva persuading Hanuman to disguise himself and determine who strangers were and what they were doing. Rama was overjoyed hearing of Sugriva, and Hanuman was overjoyed that he’d found allies. Lakshmana described Rama’s situation, and Hanuman insisted that Sugriva was in the same situation. I could change just the beginning portion of this story in so many ways. I could turn this into a modern short story. I would change the characters from indian epics characters, to maybe some movie stars.

Sugriva’s Story would also be cool to rewrite, except modern. I want to take a modern approach this week to whatever I write. I could have Sugriva as a different character who’s older brother (Vali) stole his wife from him. The story could then follow the same line, but with modern characters and modern time. Leave it to Rama to persuade Sugriva to go into battle with his brother, Vali! Sugriva and Vali was such a good read. Tara didn’t want Vali to accept battle with Sugriva since he was with Rama. This just shows how strong of a character Rama is. I loved the poetic dialogue in it, and I’d love to try something like that some time! I do want to reread this short portion (or Vali’s death) again if I decide to create anything poetic. I was so surprised at how the killing of Vali turned out. Is that a fair battle between the brothers when Rama is hiding out to take a shot with his arrow?

The mourning phase then begun for Tara, the monkey’s, and even Sugriva. But, Rama was praised and lifted up throughout the sadness. Now Sugriva is king, and Rama has to wait until the season of rain ends before he can find Sita. Lakshmana has to hurry Sugriva along in the quest when the season ends, and Sugriva sent out 4 armies of monkeys. Sampati (Jatayu’s brother) provides that Ravana took Sita to Lanka and the army was headed in the right direction, The story of Hanuman finding Ravana asleep in his bedroom with no Sita gives me so many ideas. Where else could she be? What have they done with Sita?

I thought it was interesting that he finally found Sita in Ashoka Grove. The description of her surroundings was great, including all of the different shaped/animalic demons. I felt bad when Hanuman was captured. It was agreed that Ravana would set his tail on fire. This then brings up war for Sugriva and Lanka! What a turn when Vibhishana (Ravana’s brother) opts out of war and takes Rama’s side.


Ramayana Online: Public Domain Edition with sources used from M. Dutt, R. Dutt, Gould, Griffith, Hodgson, Mackenzie, Nivedita, Oman, Richardson, and Ryder.

Image One: Rama and Lakshmana with Sugriva accessed on Wikimedia Commons.

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