Reading Notes: The Divine Archer, Part A

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This reading contained many sacred and cultural traditions. The beginning where gold, plate, and sacred cows were presented to the holy priests reminded me of the sacred gold sandals. In this traditional writing approach, sacred objects and traditions are a big deal, and the entire writing revolves around such. This book just seems to fit together so well, and I love how quick the story has unraveled, but how stable it’s been held together.

I was confused with some of the vocabulary, but enlightened when following the link to learn about each thing found in the reading notes. Much of the beginning was familiar territory character wise, introducing the characters affiliations. Rama is a real superstar in this day and time, and he makes that very obvious. The descriptions in the book really crack me up. I really enjoyed him stealing cream and curds from the table and running away like he’d accomplished so much. I could rewrite a completely different story about Rama and really bring his personality to life. He’s such a character, so it would be fun to create his own story based during his childhood and interactions with different characters, his mom/dad, etc.

Overall, my favorite sections included the details of Sita and Rama. I love Rama as a character, so of course his cute little love at first sight experience. I could take a modern approach and discuss this love life in today’s society. It could be centered around the central thought of love at first sight, whether on social media or in person. I think it might make it quite comical to turn this modern, and there are so many different ideas that I can think of to top off the story. I could set up text message segments with dialogue between two characters taking the place of Sita and Rama. It could be the traditional approach now rather than the garden scenario and cultural approach in the text.


Image One: Rama and Sita accessed from Flickr.

The Divine Archer by F. J. Gould, accessed online here.

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