Reading Notes: The Divine Archer, Part B

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This book is so enjoyable. I love the descriptions that it gives about the events that take place, and I love how there are both changes and similarities.

I enjoyed the descriptions of the scene where Hanuman has to defeat the monster (Surasa). Although it wasn’t a very long scene, it set Hanuman up to pass through and sneakily fly around the city. This short section could be retold in so many different ways. Instead of it being so easy for Hanuman to pass through, what if there was a task he had to complete before passing by the monster? The task could tie back to the cultural staple of the sandles, etc.  I just think that Hanuman is such a cool character, and it would be fun to rewrite his journey beginning from the meeting of Surasa. I was sad when he accomplished so much, even accomplished giving Sita the ring from Rama and told her he was coming only to be arrested. What if Hanuman could’ve immediately escaped and not been arrested? What if Rama was able to be there with Hanuman, and none of the events would’ve taken the same turn. BUT… I also think it’s quite interesting that instead of killing Hanuman, Ravana has them set his tail on fire as if that will do the trick (which actually turns out great for Hanuman!). Rama is a real hero after everything else he endured along his journey, and writing a story about him would have so many different options and involve so much fun. I thought the part where Sita emerges from Earth at the end would also be a good section to create a story about. What happens next?

I like how close the cultures seem to be, and how the people in the towns seem to have such a strong impact on one another. I want to rewrite a story about Hanuman, because he doesn’t receive near as much attention as Rama does. Hanuman can be the real hero, and he can have a magic power that automatically places Rama into the arms of Sita upon meeting. I want to switch it up a bit, and I have so many options in which direction I could go.

Ashvamedha – horse sacrifice ritual (I also thought this was an interesting part of culture, and it would be cool to include this ritual in either my storytelling, or my project).


Image One: Hanuman found on Wikimedia Commons

The Divine Archer by F. J. Gould, accessed online here.

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