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Just as slow computer monitors have transformed into fast, slim, laptops, brick phones have turned into iPhones. The rate at which technological advances occur is absolutely crazy. Growing up in this fast pace society means that everyone must keep up. In an online educational environment, I’m so thankful for last semester’s class! It really has helped me learn how to use many online sources that I had no clue about, as well as to better communicate with others online.

I think that blogging is always a good tool to understand and use. In the future, everything is going to turn more and more to online (as if it hasn’t already, right?). The use of communication online will help not only education majors, but microbiology majors, and the majority of others.

One new tool I’m excited to work on this semester is the graphic creation! I’m really not sure if I did any last semester, but how cool is it to create your own graphics? Another tool that most people have heard of (bookmarking) is actually so important in this class. Last semester I thought I could just return to each website through my blog post tags. BUT, bookmarking them is so much easier, and makes a lot more sense. So here’s to a great semester of learning many new tools!

Bibliography: Image one of technology accessed from Max Pixel.

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  1. Your post has got me inspired to work really hard on the Tech Tips next week to get all that ready for Week 2 when the extra credit begins! I always have so many ideas for possible Tech Tips but I sometimes run out of time to get them all set up. This year I really want to try to add more of them… and I’m actually using this blog post assignment to get ideas back from everybody about what they might be most interested in. I’m guessing that creating animated gifs is something everybody would enjoy, and so I will probably start with that. In fact, I will make that my goal for today: fingers crossed! And…… Happy Friday!

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