Time Strategies: Not Too Busy

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I really enjoyed The Myth of “Too Busy” by Tim Grahl. This semester I’m only enrolled in part time credit hours due to working full-time and trying to prepare for my future. Since I feel as though I’m always crazy busy going straight from Capstone lab each Tuesday through Thursday to work, I gladly clicked on the article that portrayed “too busy” as a myth. I found much of the article helpful, because there is so much time in the day to complete and achieve goals that you set. The main point was to prioritize time wisely, and plan each day ahead of time. Instead of feeling as though I’m always busy, this article has helped me realize that I just prioritize my time, and I can adjust my schedule to further do so.

The second article I read was Four Questions to Help You Overcome Procrastination. It sounded oddly familiar as I read through the blog. I looked back to last semester, and I actually chose to write about this same article. That really tells me that one of my biggest worries is procrastination, and I want to do everything I can to avoid it. Reading through the article a second time just gave me a new motivation to overcome procrastination completely, which l actually overcame a lot last semester.

In my opinion, I prefer to get assignments done early when given the opportunity so that I don’t have to worry about them later. My main strategy is to get what I can done early, and if I can’t, then adjust. Since I’ve taken the mythology course, I feel that I have a jump-start in maintaining a time schedule that works. It’s really hard for me to stick to a set schedule, because I usually like to begin my work whenever I have any free time. I would like to do all the work for each week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s. However, if I have free time where I can jump ahead, I will do so.


Image one:  Time is our most precious resource found on wikimedia commons.

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