Week 2 Story: Chester’s Triumph

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<Apologize for your wrong doings to make it right>

*Thousands of crocodiles resided at Crocodile Lake. The lake stretched for miles both long and wide. Chester King Crocodile ruled the waters. One of his biggest requests was to help save anybody and everybody they could, strange for crocodiles to do. This particular week had sent a treacherous downpour directly over the already large body of water, causing it to overflow and spill over the roads that both land animals and humans traveled. Waylon the wolf traveled this route every day to get to work in the forest across the water from where he worked.*

It began as a normal day for Waylon as he neared the road towards work. When he realized the road had been flooded he immediately burst into tears.

“Why today? Today is the day that I promised I would be at work early,” Waylon pleaded.

Chester had overheard Waylon’s cries, and rushed to the bank.

“I can help you under one condition, Waylon.”

“Chester, I haven’t seen you in months.”

Chester chuckled, remembering all of the bad things that Waylon had done previously, such as injuring one of the crocodiles without warning. He had attacked one of the crocodiles when she was on the bank catching some zzzzzz’s.

“I’ll give you a ride across the lake under one condition. You must apologize to Betty Sue, who you injured so carelessly for all of the wrong reasons.”

Waylon immediately dried his tears, thanked and jumped on Chester, and off they went.


As Chester slowly made his way through the water, Waylon began to get really annoyed.

“Am I ever going to make it to the other side? I can swim faster than this?” Waylon questioned.

“Your remarks are horrendous, here I am trying to do everything in my power to help you, and you can’t even be appreciative. All of this for an ungrateful soul is not worth it. Betty is up ahead, be prepared to give her your apologies.”

As Chester propelled towards Betty, Waylon grew nervous. He let out a low growl and got into position to attack. He had not intended to make any sort of apology. Immediately from fear Betty flopped under water and Chester threw Waylon upon the largest stump in the middle of the lake.


“I knew you couldn’t be trusted. You had no intention of turning your wrong into a right. For that you will be punished. I will only help you down and across the lake after you’ve endured a week of fasting and praying.”

Waylon shouted, “You can’t just betray me like this!”

Chester submerged under water, not being able to make out any of the nonsense Waylon was shouting. He felt that his way of helping Waylon was different than the typical case. If he left Waylon there on the stump to confess and pray, he surely would become an honest, outstanding individual.

Author’s Notes:

In The Crocodile and the Monkey’s Heart, the crocodile had malicious thoughts to help the monkey across the water and get his heart for his wife. The monkey out-witted the crocodile by ensuring the crocodile that he kept his heart in the tree across the way. The crocodile believed him, but the monkey quickly escaped up the tree upon arrival. In the Pious Wolf, a wolf decided to fast when he found out the rock he had been sleeping on was flooded around him upon his waking. It was determined that he wasn’t serious about his fasting, as a fairy faked to be a kid and was immediately preyed upon. The wolf couldn’t resist the kid and fast as he wanted. I combined these two stories with a twist, keeping the characters of the crocodile and wolf (but giving them names and more personality). It seems like crocodiles are always given the short end of the stick, so I wanted the crocodile to actually out-wit the wolf here. The wolf attacked one of the crocodiles and wouldn’t own up and apologize for his wrong doing, so he was left to fast on a stump, similarly to the Pious Wolf. I left it as a cliffhanger, so the audience doesn’t actually know how it ends for the wolf.


The Pious Wolf by W.H.D. Rouse in The Giant Crab.

The Crocodile and the Monkey’s Heart by Marie L. Shedlock in Eastern Stories and Legends.

Image One: Crocodiles by Wikimedia Commons.



5 thoughts on “Week 2 Story: Chester’s Triumph”

  1. Chelle,

    This was not a story that I had previously read so I went back and read it after reading your retelling. It was really interesting to read yours before the original. I really enjoyed the length of your retelling because it felt close to the original, not just a summary of what happened in the original story.

  2. I also read The Crocodile and the Monkey’s Heart. It seems like too often an animal like the crocodile is made to be too selfish or “evil,” so to have the crocodile be shown in a more positive light is a nice and interesting twist. Though I did not read The Pious Wold, the idea to combine the two stories was clever as well. Doing so seemed to allow you a lot more flexibility and creative freedom than just sticking to one story to based on, which is great!

  3. Chelle,

    First of all, I LOVE your picture with your horses. I used to have a few myself, I absolutely love them!

    This was such a great way to bring two stories together, reading it was a pleasure! The name Waylon was HILARIOUS! You also used lots of dialogue, and that always brings more life to a story. Also, the way the story progressed was planned well. I was impressed with how you combined two Jatakas and brought out both lessons into one story.
    One thing you could add is more descriptions: facial features, more conversation, imagery of the lake, etc. This would really take this story to the next level. Also, you could potentially leave a little note at the end describing what life lessons could be taken out of this story (from an unnamed “narrator”).

    Otherwise, the story was very interesting and I loved your interpretation of them both!

  4. It’s cool to see two of the animal “parables” we read about combined into one. I thought it’d be weird at first, but you managed to work it together quite well. I can imagine it must have been nearly twice the work though retelling two stories instead of just one so it’s no wonder this is the first time I’ve seen it.

  5. Hello Chelle,

    I enjoyed reading your retelling of the story. I would only suggest adding more visual diction in your stories. I am a very visual person and if I can see and picture myself right in the story I am completely engaged! Also, if you are describing it visually the audience can picture the story exactly how you want them to! Great job!

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