Week 6 Review: Another Week Done

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I decided that backing up my storybook would be a wonderful ideal this week, but I think it’s really important to keep a back up of it. There’s just so much effort, thought, and time that go into each story it would be awful to lose it all. Hopefully a new thing that I can start along with the famous last words is to stay up to date on backing up and reviewing.

Wow, I really appreciate the time and effort put in to creating the class announcements. I really found a meme that I absolutely loved this week. It’s true that I get behind on reading the announcements, so I’ve enjoyed backing up and looking at all of the announcements throughout the week that I missed. This assignment also helped me find the class progress chart. I know I’d always make sure I was standing in good terms by the chart, and this semester I haven’t been able to find it.

So now I feel so much better knowing that the chart is available to look at and make sure I’m keeping up! All in all, backing up to review is always a good thing!

My favorite meme was actually found on Sunday, October 1st! My favorite is the cat meme stating “Difficult is not Impossible” and accessed here. It just brought me happiness, because it’s so true! And what better way to depict that than to have 2 cats plot to open a door?

Backup accessed on Wikimedia Commons.

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