Week 8 Comments and Feedback

Feedback really does help me see the road ahead. If I’m stuck and don’t know really what direction to take my writing, feedback from others is a good way to gather more ideas and find a direction! Also, why wouldn’t this be someone’s favorite image? It’s just a cute kitten walking a lonely road that he’s able to see from feedback. LOL, SO CUTE. I really need to learn how to make my own meme’s!

I really appreciate all of the comments and feedback I’ve received from other students in the class. I’d say the most helpful comments are found in relation to my project, which is obviously where I need and want the most help to improve. The most helpful comments I’ve received include comments about where I need to expand on background information in my project, as well as those that give me ideas about how to expand.

When giving other students feedback in this class, I generally give very helpful feedback for the project. I make it a point to really take my time during the project and think about ways for the text to improve. It’s hard to leave great feedback for the introductory sections of the project storybook, because at that point I’m not entirely sure where the student wants to go with their work. BUT, that’s also what makes it so exciting and fun. Other students do give me good ideas for my own stories, especially seeing the different approaches to different storytelling techniques.

I am happy with my introduction post, and I think the blog commenting is a great way to connect with class mates! I really enjoy reading everyone’s introduction, and it really shows just how unique each person is. I don’t want to make any changes to my blog, I feel that it represents me perfectly as it is. I can improve my feedback to others by once again allowing myself to work ahead and give myself more time.

Image One: Cheezburger. Accessed from “Feedback Cats”

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