Week 8 Progress

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I have mixed feelings about how I feel on my progress this semester. While I’m constantly wishing I was further ahead, I’ve actually done an excellent job at getting my work done while working full-time. My schedule has been hectic, so I haven’t really stuck to my beginning of the semester calendar. I think now that I’m actually able to work 20-30 hour weeks instead of 40 hour weeks, I’ll really be able to see a lot of progress. So for that reason, I should have a lot smoother second half of the semester. I have been utilizing the extra credit options typically at least one a week. The problem is, I missed quite a few storytelling weeks, meaning that the extra credit assignments I did were simply making up for that instead of getting me further ahead. I do plan to step up on the extra credit and really work hard to finish strong! But as far as my favorite assignment goes, I’m pretty positive I’d have to choose the storybook project!

Basically as I’ve said in all of my reflections, I want to get ahead on my school work in this class and my capstone lab class. Getting ahead is a really big deal to me. It really does change my mindset when working on assignments early rather than at the last minute. So looking ahead, that’s my goal. My goal is to get so far ahead that I don’t have to worry about any deadlines!

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