Week 8 Reading and Writing

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Overall, I’d say I’ve been enjoying all of the reading and writing assignments. Not only have they allowed me to further expand my imagination, but they’ve given me a better view of culture. As far as the reading notes go, I think I have room for improvement. I usually like to focus in on 1-3 major story-lines that I really enjoyed in my notes. I typically brainstorm ideas to write about here as well. They do help tremendously, but I could strengthen them, nevertheless.

My favorite reading includes the story-line of Rama and Sita in the Ramayana. My favorite writing assignment and greatest accomplishment thus far would be my project about the battle between horses. I’m super excited to see where it goes, and I think I definitely chose something that I look forward to thinking and writing more about each week.

Looking back, I think I could do some research to find better picture options for my project. My favorite image of all assignments I’ve done is the one pictured above of the Tongass National Forest. It’s just so beautiful and peaceful. It really depicts serenity in life. I also like my picture choices for all of my other assignments, but this one just really sticks out. It’s images like this one that when times get crazy and hectic, simply looking at this picture sends a breath of fresh air.

Looking forward I plan to get ahead. Not only does working ahead allow more time for assignments, but it also gives me a much better feeling about schoolwork. Instead of stressing to get an assignment done on time, celebrating that it’s already completed is HUGE. So basically my major idea to get more out of my reading and writing is to work ahead and not procrastinate!

Image One: Tongass National Forest by Wikimedia Commons.

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