Assignment #3

In preparation for assignment #3, I have a few major ideas. Two of my ideas are written reports, while one is a video. All of my ideas thus far have focused on horses, and I will most likely end up writing or recording my assignment on one of the following.

The video idea I have is iffy due to my lack of experience with video creation and technology in general. If I can figure out all of the details, I really want to follow through with a video.  I wanted to research and discuss the relationship between horse and rider/owner. I wanted to introduce the parelli seven games in a broad manner, and then discuss each of the games. When introducing the games, I wanted to in depth discuss each game as I try to back up the voice with my horse performing them. I’ve been working on the seven games with my horses over spring break, and I’d love to somehow incorporate my experience, my thoughts, and my turnouts along with professionals, other horse riders, and anyone involved with horses who have information or experience in this area. I would provide literature data by incorporating Temple Grandin’s book, Animals Make Us Human. Grandin provides interesting points in relation to horse behavior, which could really fall hand in hand with parelli and the seven games. Furthermore, I wanted to develop ideas on how the parelli and behavioral help leads to a better horse all around, and how it relates to competitive events that the horse may perform.
For example, discuss the effect that parelli has made on any of my barrel horses if any, and how their behavior has changed, if at all.

The first writing idea follows the thought process for the video, just in writing form. I basically wanted to accomplish the same ideas, answers, and information about the relationship a horse has with a rider along with their behavior. Along with the relationship, I was going to discuss the parelli games, and experiences. For this assignment, I would also use Temple Grandin’s book. Along with the book, I’d add several scholarly sources found online, and discuss more in depth the relationship and how exactly relationships are formed this strongly with horses.

The second writing idea involves a big part of my first assignment. I wanted to provide a more research based paper discussing horse therapy and how it works. Horse therapy has always really interested me, as I can see the effect horses have on me, and relate somewhat to those requiring more therapy. I wanted to once again use Grandin’s book, however, incorporating different degrees of information from it. In this paper I also wanted to include the following:

  1. What horse therapy is
  2. How horse therapy works
  3. The psychological aspect behind horse therapy
  4. How the horse triggers positive emotions in humans
  5. Interviews from anyone currently receiving horse therapy due to an illness

Besides the listed 5 items, I basically wanted to discuss as many aspects of horse therapy as possible, while keeping the topic narrow.

Although I haven’t decided exactly what assignment #3 will discuss in concrete, I have many good ideas that I’ve thought about. Since all of my ideas involve the use of Temple Grandin’s book and around the same topic, I should have plenty of time to read more in depth and decide which category the book can help me in the most.

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