Extra Credit (Eating Vegan)

First of all, I’ve never even considered becoming a vegetarian, much less a vegan prior to this class. After learning about the complete lack of respect when the treatment of animals is involved, I’ve changed my thoughts quite a bit. Now going from meat and dairy consisting in each of my meals, the change to eating vegan for 2 days was extremely hard for me. Interested and motivated, I decided to give it a try anyways.

The first day, Wednesday, I woke up craving my everyday chocolate-chip pancakes. I then realized that today was the day I’d begin my two-day challenge of eating vegan, but still thought pancakes were okay. I was wrong. After researching, I found that my pancakes were not vegan, and I thought to myself… “No eggs, no dairy, hmm, what else is there to eat?” Then it clicked, OATMEAL! After checking that the oatmeal was cleared to eat, I ate my breakfast and went on about my day. Unfortunately, the next problem arose at lunchtime, as I typically eat some sort of chicken or something containing dairy products. I decided on organic noodles and pasta sauce, after checking that they fit the requirements as well!

I felt satisfied at my accomplishments for the day, though I hadn’t really eaten healthy, but I still ate vegan. That’s when I realized that I needed something else to eat on break at work. Since I work in the Pharmacy, I decided to just buy something there that was vegan. On break, I searched up and down the aisles and what I found that looked amazing was an “Amy’s” dinner. The dinner was vegan, and consisted of organic noodles, tofu, and vegetables with a sauce. It surprised me that the dinner was actually good, as I’ve always associated eating vegan as eating gross foods.

Thursday I thought the process would be a little easier, and indeed it was. I had the same oatmeal for breakfast, and one of my roommates made some tofu with roasted vegetables for lunch. For dinner, I bought a veggie burger, and of course avoided adding the usual cheese. In all honesty, the burger didn’t taste too good. I blame that on it being cooked in the microwave, and I will try it again in the future. That night I also bought some vegan ice cream, which I didn’t know was actually a thing. The ice cream I tried was the So Delicious Dairy-free Soymilk Creamy Vanilla. I loved this choice so much, and I recommend it as an alternative to the typical dairy ice cream. The ice cream didn’t taste much different than regular ice cream, and actually tasted creamier to me.

I’d say this was definitely a life-learning lesson. I had no idea that eating vegan could actually be easy if shopping at the right stores and researching appropriately. I’ve found that many vegan dinners are actually just as good as meat dinners, and I feel that if I continued eating this way I’d agree further. I have been to many Whole Foods Markets and Trader Joe’s in my life, and I definitely feel that when I am financially able to eat as a vegetarian, that I will at least do that. I’ve also found that many videos on youtube can be extremely helpful on amazing options for both vegans and vegetarians, as well as having a partner to eat the same with you is a huge key. The treatment of animals has changed my views on a lot of different things, and supporting those companies that treat animals that way is just wrong.

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