Famous Last Words: Almost Break Time


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Why is it that the closer it gets to spring break the easier it is for me to procrastinate? I’m so excited for spring break and I know that I have A LOT to get completed before on vacation, but for some reason I’m still procrastinating in a lot of areas. WHY? It’s so frustrating.

Anyways, I followed my plan for week 7 to complete both reading assignments on Monday and then complete the project on Wednesday. The problem is, I’m stuck at the end of the week and have no time to efficiently comment on students projects and be of great help to them. When commenting on projects I really try to pay 100% attention and give them the best advice possible, and since I don’t have enough time to fully devote this week, I’ll just once again try to be better next week.

My goals for week 8 include completing the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday assignments on Monday. I do have a lot going on Monday, so if I’m not able to complete them on Monday, I’ll have to hold off until Wednesday. I’ve looked ahead and seen that it’s a review week, and I definitely think that’s needed! For week 8, I’m going to try and complete multiple extra credit options to make up for the past two weeks of missing the project feedback, and this week missing the blog comments.

As far as other classes go, it’s remained about the same. I’m completing all of my work (though sometimes at the last minute). I have a presentation and a project both due on Wednesday that I need to complete tonight, and a lot of lab work to complete. It’s my own fault for procrastinating, and I’m hoping that after spring break I’m able to fully devote my time and not procrastinate. Although I’m going on vacation for spring break, it will also be used as a “catch up period.” Hopefully I can get ahead in my classes, as well as have ample time to study for the PCAT.

Image 1: Procrastination thoughts found on Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. I totally understand having trouble staying productive before the break, Chelle! I had such a hard time the entire week leading up to freedom but I was able to push through and hope you were too. Where are you going for Spring Break? I hope you are able to be productive and feel rested as well as have time to study for the PCAT. Best of luck with that!

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