Famous Last Words: Another Crazy Week

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First of all, I have had one crazy week in this class and two others last week. I ask myself how everything can just pick up so quickly after spring break, then I realize that this is college, and that’s how it always is. It’s not that I’ve been procrastinating this week at all, as I actually got more done than I thought was possible as the week went on.

In this class, I didn’t complete all of the assignments. I completed the first reading notes assignments, the project, blog comments, and project feedback. I was able to finish the week strong, but the beginning of the week was way too hectic to find time for the second reading notes and the storytelling. The storytelling is usually one of my favorite parts, so I was upset that I had to skip it this week. Since I had to skip some assignments this week, and I haven’t been keeping up with all of the project feedback in previous weeks, I have some catching up to do to finish before dead week. After I complete this assignment, I plan to complete the extra blog comments as well. I enjoy reading other skilled writer’s work in this class, and I think that it does contribute to my overall writing skills as well.

Overall, next week is also going to be extremely hard. I work every single day, and that’s something that I’m not used to. Because of that, I’m trying to plan ahead. I hope to find time to get ahead this weekend, so that I can allow myself to “chill out.” As long as I can find time to complete both reading notes this weekend, I should have time to write the story next week, and next weekend I’ll be able to catch up on the Sunday night deadlines for this class.

Part of having a growth mindset is to not let the negative parts of life get you down. So I’m determined that I can and will complete all of the work in this class to get the grade that I want, and deserve. I really enjoy this class, and I’ve learned a lot about time management along with mythfolklore. I’m excited for the rest of the semester still, and I’m also excited about the work that I’ve done thus far in this class. These are projects that I’ll be able to access forever since they’re online, so that’s cool as well.

Here’s to a new week and still trying to get ahead!

Image one: The Long Road Ahead by jonrawlinson on Flickr.

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