Famous Last Words: First Midterm

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Well, I did it. I had my first unsuccessful week at staying ahead in this class. I had all of my reading and writing assignments finished through the story for this week the week prior. This gave me time to study for my exam on Wednesday, so yes, at first I was definitely ahead.
I planned to study a tremendous amount last weekend and then on Monday finish the assignments for this class. Tuesday I was going to work and then study, not having to complete any more work for this class until week 6. However, I had a lot going on over the weekend in my personal life, and studying took second to that. I would say I studied a maximum of 2 hours for my biggest test thus far in the semester over the weekend. Because of that, I had to devote all of Monday and Tuesday after work to studying.
Along with the assignments for this class, I also had multiple assignments due for lab class and my other upper division MBIO class.
With this going on, I’m just now getting around to completing the work for week 5. I’ve completed all of the assignments for this week, except for the project feedback, which I plan to complete tomorrow.
That being said, I’m ready to get ahead and stay ahead in this class again. I have multiple assignments due on Monday, but I’m going to try to get them completed early so that I can get ahead on Monday night, work Tuesday, then finish week 6 on Wednesday.
Thankfully I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I received an A on the exam that I was able to find time to study for. This also tells me that I did well on the test due to the tremendous amount that I have been paying attention in class this semester. I really enjoy the lectures, understand what’s going on because of it, and put it forward into each and every new learning activity.
The semester is stressful, but getting better in my opinion. I’m excited to keep going strong this semester, and keep up with all of my assignments and work.

Image 1: This picture of a midterm was found on Flickr by Christopher Jimenez and can be accessed here.

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