Famous Last Words: Getting Better

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This option as extra credit is one that I hope to keep up on doing. This will really allow me to see my thoughts on this class, other classes, and/or life in general as time goes along, and my progress within each . So to my future self, keep doing this extra credit!

This week, I feel that I am in a much better place mindset wise than last week. Yes it’s sad that the break had to end, but it’s time to get into the groove of things and get work done early so I’m less stressed. This means much less netflix, much more focusing, and more ways to stay motivated in school.

Class work wise, I actually skipped ahead and got the readings done for next week and already know what I want my story to be. I’ve found that the reading notes really do help me, and tuning in during reading is a great way to let your imagination roll at the “what ifs?” and such.  I had much fun with the story, and it’s actually my favorite writing I did this week. I really enjoy reading stories and letting my imagination take the story somewhere else, and writing about it.

For other classes, things are still very chaotic. This is because every class I am taking requires textbook reading, homeworks, discussions, quizzes, and I’m having a hard time adjusting to the time frames by which these are due. Again, when I get a set schedule and am able to get ahead in my planner, things will get MUCH better. I still think the classes I’m in are going to be very interesting and make for a great semester!

As far as time management goes, work is becoming more of a consistent Tuesday/Thursday schedule, giving me time to plan when I want/have time to do the work for this class. This is the main problem that I could and probably will face as the class progresses. I hope to keep up my “pace” and stay ahead a week at least with the readings. Since the readings are actually enjoyable to me, I don’t find it a “pain” at all to sit, read, and take notes.

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  1. Hi Chelle!
    First, I would like to say that your blog design is really awesome and it seems as if you put a lot of work into it. So way to go on that! Second, you seem like a really hard worker and I’m happy that you’re using the extra credit tips to stay mentally sharp and use it as a way to manage progress in classes! 

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