Famous Last Words: Getting Too Far Behind

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It’s 10:16 on a Monday, and the week technically ended for week 6 assignments at midnight. So needless to say, I’m behind. I have yet to complete the project feedback, just as last week. Instead of completing the project feedback (since I have class soon and probably wouldn’t finish), I decided that I at least needed to do one extra credit assignment. I really need to get ahead this week, and I know I’ve said this every week, but being behind is really a struggle.

For this class, I barely had time to finish my assignments due on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, making it extremely hard to procrastinate and complete at the last minute with enjoyment. When I’m ahead I enjoy the material much more, as well as I’m able to write better stories and get more into the posts and readings.

It’s not only this class that I’m behind in, as I’m behind¬† in my lab class as well. I’m thinking my brain just might have kicked into spring break mode already, and the completion of schoolwork is seeming like a struggle. Or… maybe it’s the fact of being a senior, and as the semester draws closer to the end, I’m finding it harder to keep focused and stay ahead. Netflix is just seeming so great these days since I barely ever have any free time, but that’s college, right?

Anyways, I must set goals for week 7, since week 6 has been such a fail for my standards. In week 7 I plan to complete all of the reading on Monday, as well as hopefully start the story. On Wednesday, I plan to finish and post the story, and then view the project feedback for the week and try to get started on that (since I’ve yet to complete that assignment)! After that, I plan to either take another week to edit my introduction in my storybook, or begin the first story in it (which is what I’ll probably do).¬† Then Friday I will be able to focus on blog comments and maybe complete some extra credit so that I can catch back up where I’ve been slacking at. There’s no giving up. So here’s to sticking with it and not letting myself fall behind!

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