Famous Last Words: Goals Can be Met

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This week’s reading, I learned that I really like the fairy tale style the best. It’s just something that I really enjoy, and especially the addition of animals to many of the tales, so this week was a little different for me. My favorite writing for this week was my story, Heroic Mr. Hick. I’ve found that I really enjoy taking time out of my day to sit down and just write. I’m a very creative person, and having science as a major you can’t really use creativity to your advantage really often. That’s one of the many thing’s I enjoy about this class, the opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

As far as time management goes, I’m happy that I got my Monday/Tuesday readings done in week 2, or I would not have had time to complete those assignments. The first free time during the week I had was Wednesday, and completing the story on the actual day that it was due was kind of annoying to me, because I want to push myself to turn everything in early. I thought everything would calm down when I got into a set schedule, but unfortunately, things have only became more hectic. So here I am, trying to complete extra credit assignments and finish both readings for week 4 before the week begins. My philosophy is that if I stay ahead, everything will be easier for me.

With my other classes being upper division 4000 level MBIO courses, working at the Pharmacy, studying for the PCAT, and just everyday life errands, I’ve really got to stay ahead, or I’ll fall really behind. This week’s classes did go a lot better, however, and I’m finally getting into the swing of the actual courses I’m taking, and getting a feel for how much work each one will be.

My goal this semester is to work further on my time management, study more, and have a successful semester! My goal for this class that I’m setting for myself is to finish early. I hope that if I stay ahead and caught up, I can finish early with no stress!

Image 1: Inspirational representation found on flickr by Justin Matthew and can be located here.

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