Famous Last Words: Keeping Up Good Work

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I know this assignment is for the end of the week, but I have completed all of the assignments for this week except for the blog comments, which will be completed when they’re available. This week has been tough so far, and it’s only Wednesday. Midterms and due dates are quickly coming up, which is enough to stress me out! I will admit that the growth-mindset memes and research that I’ve done some this semester have helped me to maintain a positive mind-set of growth.

In this class, I’m extremely proud of my progress. Thus far, I’ve been pretty good at staying ahead. For instance, after I complete this extra credit option, I will begin week 5 assignments. As far as reading went this week, I learned that fairy tales are really my favorite style that I’ve read this far. I’ve also enjoyed a lot of the different styles that writer’s in this class have been using. I really think it’s cool when they decide to voice a story as told by someone else. That’s something that I want to try and accomplish before the semester is over, at least one time.

Work is settling down to where I work Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is useful for me, because I know exactly when I work, and I have to schedule my time for classes around that. Work actually makes me less of a procrastinator. Sadly, if I didn’t have a job, I’d probably put many assignments off until the last minute.  Hopefully not anymore since I’ve learned from my past, but still. So I’m thankful for a job, and the motivation that it gives me to hurry and finish assignments as soon as possible. For this class, it hasn’t yet been a problem. Again, I really enjoy this class thus far. I enjoy reading different styles, but even more so, I love to create and write my own story. I’m extremely pumped about the story assignment! I can’t wait to see how everyone in the classes stories/portfolios turn out, and of course, I’m excited to see how mine turns out.

Looking forward, next week I have a ton of assignments due and a midterm in my hardest class on Wednesday. This is why I’m so happy that I’ve been keeping up and even staying ahead in this class. This gives me the leniency to only focus on my midterm Wednesday over the weekend. So as far as my goal for this week goes, it’s to finish many of next weeks assignments, especially those due Monday and Tuesday.

Image 1: Axidunce Cartoon. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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