Growth Mindset: Excelling in More than One Area

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This week, I chose the challenge of growth beyond school. This was very fitting for my recent journey, as I’ve been maintaining a growth mindset in school, but failing to keep one outside of school (work specifically). One reason I really like this extra credit assignment is because it makes me sit back and think. I feel so swamped sometimes that I have no time to even think about anything outside of school, much less approach scenarios and fix them.

My challenge is to make a huge adjustment at work. I need to quit thinking about all of the negatives that I sometimes get too involved in at work, and focus on the positives. I’m happy to change things at work, and work harder to ALWAYS keep a growth mindset in any situation. If there’s problems at work, I want to understand and fix the problem to better myself and those around me. Having a growth mindset at work is very important, as it can change the way that my personal life is. If I’m able to continually have such a good mindset, than the possibilities are limitless. It’s all about how I interpret things, and my actions that follow.


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  1. I have really loved the growth mindset extra credit option this semester. I agree with you in that I think it is sometimes easier to have a growth mindset with school. It is much harder to let the growth mindset transition over into “real life.” With graduation and the real world right around the corner, I am trying to focus on letting this mindset carry over into the rest of my life.

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