Week 8 Growth Mindset: Review

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Reflecting back from the beginning of the semester I think I have strayed from where I want to be in my mindset. I think having a growth mindset is very important, especially at this stage in life. My strengths in this class were getting things done early, until the past couple of weeks. I enjoy this class, so it frustrates me when I don’t give myself enough time to really enjoy the reading/writing.¬† However, it seems that¬† my strength has been turned into my weakness the past couple of weeks, as I have found it hard to complete all of the required assignments for the week. I plan to change things around the next half of the semester, and grow stronger in my strengths. I also think this class has grown me as a writer, and I plan to strengthen more there as well.

I found the dimensions of growth very interesting and true for probably most people. I do find myself doing the bare minimum when time is an issue instead of pushing myself further. Another interesting mindset is the focusing on grades rather than learning. That’s a hard one for me, because everyone wants an A. But what if students wanted to learn as bad as they wanted that A? Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy learning when it involves something I like, but I should be focused more on learning, and less about the grade.

So I challenge myself for the second half of the semester to try and continue to have the best growth mindset that I can. That being said, I’m holding myself accountable. Accountable for staying true to giving this a shot and maintaining focus. It’s easy to follow a plan or idea for a few days, but actually making it a lifestyle can be more complicated.

Image 1: Growth Representing in a Chart. Commons Wikimedia.

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