Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales, Part A

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The first thing I noticed after reading the English Tales was the language used. The language was odd, including words like “darter, ’em, etc.” Though some of the wording was strange, the reading was not at all hard to understand. In fact, it was easily understood. Of course my favorite tale was The Three Little Pigs. I loved the opening little rhyme used. I’d love to create something similar, though I’m not much of a poet. The story was the same as the one I heard. The first little pig begged a man for straw to build a house. The wolf came along begging to get in. The little pig said no. The wolf then blew the house down and ate the pig. The second pig built his house with furze. The wolf ended up blowing this house down as well. The third pig was smart, and built his house of bricks. When the wolf huffed and puffed to blow this house down, he failed. The wolf then tried to trick the pig out of the house. The pig ended up tricking the wolf with each new task. The pig won when the wolf went down the chimney into a pot of boiling water. I could change this story in so many ways! It’s such a classic, so it’d be hard to change, but very possible. I could make the three pigs different animals, and make the wolf a different animal. Or, I could have the wolf on a different mission that to kill the little pigs. Another part that I could change is the ending. Instead of the other 2 pigs being eaten by the wolf, they could be saved by the pig in the brick house! That way it’s a happy ending!

Another option: Maybe the story could have a twist to where the wolf was actually trying to help the ones living in dangerous houses.

I also enjoyed the story of The Old Woman and Her Pig.

It was really cool the continuance of the story. However, this one would be really tough to rewrite. I would use the same characters and ideas, but I wouldn’t make the play on words as they did in the text here. I absolutely love the last paragraph where everything just falls together. Each animal and object used in the story was able to be utilized in the continual degradation from one to the next. It would be so cool to do something like this!


English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. The story can be accessed here.

Image one: The Three Little Pigs by Wikimedia Commons.

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