Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales, Part B

I love fairy tales so much! So many of these tales are so cute, it’s hard to decide which ones I would want to tie my story too!
For this reading, I decided that Henny-Penny would be a good tale to base a story off of. It’s just the cutest story ever, though the ending is somewhat sad! It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz by the groups they form along the way! Not to mention, all of the new characters names rhyme. That makes it so much more fun to read. I could re-create this story to where when Foxy-woxy takes the whole crowd to kill them basically, that another new character is there! I don’t want all of those characters to just have their necks snapped and die. The bad character needs some sort of backlash, and I think it’d be fitting for a new character to save the day. When Foxy-woxy takes them to HIS kingdom instead of to the king, Slimy-wimy the snake could be there (completely made up). Slimy-wimy could slither in right when Foxy-woxy snaps the first neck of the first character. He could then curl around the snapped neck and save the character, as well as the rest of the characters! [[This will probably be what I write my story over]]

Another really good fairy tale was Johnny-Cake. Oh so creative! What an interesting character Johnny-Cake is.  Another thought is instead of Slimy-wimy, I could use Johnny-Cake to join the two fairy tales together. He can jump out of a cake to save the day!

I think it’s interesting all of the rhymes that they came up with in all of the different fairy tales. I really enjoy fairy tales, and I just love the amount of characters and creativity that they come up with! The style is also so interesting. Definitely one of my favorite units!


English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. The story can be accessed here.

Image One: This picture was found from the Henny-Penny story and can be accessed here.

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