Reading Notes: More English Fairy Tales, Part A

The English fairy tales are always a good choice to read. This section didn’t contain any original fairy tales that I already knew. Although I didn’t know any of them, there was some similarities between stories to fairy tales that I have heard before.

The fairy tale I want to write my story on is Johnny Gloke. This story was unique when compared to many of the other fairy tales. Johnny grew tired of his tailoring job, and decided that he wanted to do something else with his life. He wanted to become famous and rich, but he wasn’t quite sure how. When he was just wasting time in the sun, he became annoyed by the swarm of flies bothering him. Right then and there, he killed many of them by swatting them with his hands. He was so proud of himself, and he decided that this is what would make him famous, a journey such as this one. He took a sward, set off on an adventure. He was feeling so proud that he decided to fight the two giants whom were feared in all of the land just because the king said the reward was his daughter’s hand in marriage. Johnny quietly planned his attack, and he threw a small pebble to hit one of the giants in the head. He then threw another pebble while the giants were arguing about who threw the pebble, and blah blah blah. When they were at their weakest from the pebbles, Johnny rose and cut off their heads. He got to marry the king’s daughter, and he also got named the leader for the rebellion that broke out. Through the fighting trial, Johnny became even more famous, and ended up being the king.

I want to rewrite the story similar to above, but I want to continue the story. I want to develop the giants as characters more, so that there’s some sort of feeling when he accomplishes killing the two. I also want to make the king’s daughter of importance, and describe why he was fighting for her hand in marriage. I also want to develop Johnny as a character, and discuss why he feels the need to find the woman of his dreams (why the king’s daughter is her), and provide dialogue, or some sort of way for the readers to understand more what Johnny is feeling.


More English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs (1894). Illustrations by John Batten. This story can be accessed online here.

Image one: This photo is taken from the story Johnny Gloke, found in More English Fairy Tales.

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