Reading Notes: Native American Marriage Tales, Part B

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WHAT, once again all of these reading’s completely blew my mind. I haven’t read anything like them, and The Dog-Husband specifically made me think “what?” Basically, this was a story where the girl had a dog which she loved very much. This dog would change into a human husband at night, then morph into a dog during the day. HOW STRANGE. Typically I woudn’t want to write any story where there’s any beastiality, because I do not agree with it under any circumstance. Generally, reading any sort of it really creeps me out. But this story was different in a way, because the dog actually morphed into a person. Since they still had a relationship when the dog was in dog form, I would completely change that the the dog SOLELY being her dog during the day and changing into a person at night. The story escalated when she became pregnant from the dog, and just made me stray from wanting to write of the story. I probably will not choose this idea, because the thought of this still seems weird and wrong, but it could make for an interesting story. However, if I did change this story, I could make it to where the girl is actually a dog, and the dog is morphing between a domesticated dog and a wild wolf or something. That could create a whole different story, while keeping the relationships between animals. I really liked the choice of words in The True Bride, and the writer’s ability to provide such great imagery. This specific story gave me many ideas that I could utilize in the writing from The Dog-Husband. I think it would be cool to give it a twist to where the relationships maintain between animals, as well as incorporating the ideas from The True Bride. Also, the language used in all of the readings seems very interesting. I like the style of cultural language, and I can hopefully add that to my story as well. I really enjoyed the strange turns that each of the stories took, it left me wondering what the writer would throw in next. However strange some of the stories may have been, they all turned out to be excellent to read.


Native American Marriage Tales Unit: Tales of the North American Indians by Stith Thompson. This storybook collection can be accessed here.

Picture 1: Life is Strange (My thoughts when reading through the chapters). This picture can be accessed here.

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