Reading Notes: Russian Fairy Tales, Part B

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Okay, I absolutely LOVED this particular unit! I have so many stories that I could potentially write from, it’s so exciting. One thing that I mention in many of my notes is the lack of character development. I will develop all of my characters more than many of these short tales do in this unit.

The Witch Girl was an incredible read, but I feel like it’s missing a bunch of background information. I would find it interesting to follow the same plot of the story, but introduce more background as to why the witch is doing what she’s doing, and why there, so fort so on… I do like the use of dialogue in this story though, and how cool would it be to tell the story from the witches perspective?

When reading The Headless Princess, I got so many ideas for a potential story. I mean the title alone gives me many ideas in itself. How did the princess dying turn into this? How did this transition happen to being able to take her head off? Why was the King so chill about it all and happily rewarded the boy? It kept me on the edge of my seat, as I had no idea what would happen next. I could always make a healing for the Princess (such as a unicorn, etc.) and allow that to cure her! I just like fairy tales to have happy endings.

I also really enjoyed the plot in The Fox-Physician. I was thinking that the fox could make an appearance along with the witch girl, or the headless princess in a story. I enjoy combining different stories to create my own, and I think that the fox here would be a good contribution.

My absolute favorite story I’ve read in a while was The Two Friends. I was DEFINITELY not expecting the outcome. I want to write on something similar to this, because it was so unexpected. The friend kept his promise to his dead best friend! I was unsure how the liquor made 100 years pass by each time, so I may make it only 1 year instead. That way after a few drinks, his wife is still alive and what not. Though she may already end up married, I could have her tell him of the crazy story that happened. I could begin the story with her telling him what happened, and as she goes through everything that had happened on their wedding day, it would be a perfect story in itself.


Image One: Holding hands accessed on Flickr by Waithamai.

Russian Fairy Tales by W.R.S. Ralston in 1887. The stories can be accessed online here.



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