Week 14 Storytelling: Cady Finds Regina

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Long ago, when the population of Evanston, Illinois was still below 50,000, Regina George and Cady Heron called this wonderful place home. Regina and Cady were the best of friends, and on the last day of school they made one strange promise to each other.

“Cady, though we may go our separate ways, we’ll always be right there with each other at heart. You are my one true best friend. Will you promise me one thing?” Regina asked.

Cady looked Regina dead in the eye, as thousands of thoughts flew through her head.

Regina spoke again, “Do you promise that no matter WHAT happens you will invite me to your wedding, and vice versa?”

Cady laughed it off and said, “Well of course Regina. No matter what happens to either of us, the wedding invite will certainly be there.”

The two walked out of the school building hand in hand. They did not know what was to come, but they knew that they would always have each other.


Several years had passed, and many things changed. Cady no longer talked to Regina, because they attended colleges that were 500 miles apart. One day as Cady was flipping through old pictures, she found one of her and Regina. This immediately prompted tears, and she knew she had to call Regina about her engagement to Damian. Unfortunately, the day that she called Regina was too late…

“May I ask who’s calling,” a strange voice on the end of the line spoke.

“Yes, my name is Cady. Regina and I were best friends, and I was just wondering if she was around today? I have news to tell her!”

“Oh honey, have you not heard? Regina was hit by a bus about a month ago, and well…she passed away,” the lady spoke softly.

Tears streamed down Cady’s face.

I’m getting married tomorrow, and I promised her that no matter what happened she would be invited, she thought to herself.

Cady quickly packed up all of her things and drove that 500 miles away to where Regina was buried. She didn’t call Damian, because she planned to drive straight there and back. Although the wedding was tomorrow, she had to keep her promise to her best friend.


Upon Cady’s arrival, she found a big pile of dirt with hundreds of flowers placed both on-top and around it. She neared closer, and saw the foot stone read “Regina George.”

It all became so real. She began to weep uncontrollably, and screamed, “Regina, I invite you to my wedding.”

All of a sudden the ground began to shake, and Regina rose from the dirt. “Thank you for fulfilling that last promise, now let’s celebrate with a glass of vodka,” Regina said.

A confused Cady replied, “Regina, I’m getting married tomorrow. I have no time for vodka, but I did want to fulfill my promise.”

Regina wouldn’t take no for an answer, as she poured a glass for both Cady and herself.


They took one drink, and five years passed.


They took a second drink, and five more years passed.

“One more drink Cady, and then you need to go celebrate your wedding with everyone!” Regina squealed.


They took the last drink, and five more years had passed.

Immediately the ground shook, closed the coffin lid, and dirt packed around it.

Cady was beyond confused. She needed help. She had no idea what had occurred, but she was so determined that Regina was still alive. She drove home faster than ever before.


Upon her arrival, she saw immense build-up had occurred in the hours she thought she’d been gone. She rushed to the wedding venue, and everything had changed. The place appeared much nicer than just one day prior, or so she thought…

By this point she wanted an explanation. She ran home to see if Damian was there, for she had so much to tell him!

There the house was, and yet it appeared different too. She ran to the front door, plunged the door open, and there sat Damian…with another woman…

Weeping more than before, Cady ran to the car.

Damian chased after her.

“On our wedding day Damian, really? How could you?” Cady cried.
“Our wedding day was 15 years ago Cady?” He said curiously

And so began the dreadful conversation of what had happened…

Author’s Note:

This story was written after inspiration from The Two Friends, from Russian Fairy Tales. In the original, two friends made the promise that whichever had married first, they would invite the other to their wedding no matter what, dead or alive. The young friend fell ill and died a year later. After this, the comrade decided that he was going to get married and set off to find his “wife.” On the day of the wedding, driving past the graveyard, the comrade remembered his agreement to his friend. He had the wagon stop immediately, and went to invite his dead friend to the wedding. The grave yawned, and the friend rose begging for the comrade to have a drink. Each of the three cups that they drank made 100 years pass (300 total). After the third drink, the dead man was once again closed in the coffin. The comrade ran back to the village, and realized that all of the houses were different. He found a priest, and together they found three hundred years ago a bridegroom disappeared at the graveyard on his wedding day, and the bride finally married another man. I basically stuck to the main plot and decided to use characters from Mean Girls, as well as the plot of Regina getting hit by the bus. I did change the setting to Illinois where Mean Girls originated, as well as a more modern approach. I also created a different ending as well to stick with the modern times.


Image One: Evanston, Illinois. This photo was accessed at Wikimedia Commons.

Russian Fairy Tales by W.R.S. Ralston in 1887. The stories can be accessed online here.

Mean Girls Plot accessed here.

2 thoughts on “Week 14 Storytelling: Cady Finds Regina”

  1. The ending is a nice twist on the original story, making the impact come from the change of things that still exist rather than the change of things that are no longer there.

    Some of the dialogue seems a bit too formal for the modern era feel you’re going for. A lot of people in modern times speak with contractions and inferences of words that aren’t there. This might help your characters fit with the world better. Some additional location details might also help.

    I found this to be pretty much the same story as the source, and since I have not watched Mean Girls, the significance of that addition is lost on me, leaving the ideas expressed a bit lacking. You have plenty of word room, so maybe you can mix up some elements of the plot? Maybe a change in perspective from the husband, instead?

    Overall, I can see potential here, and the ending is a good twist on the source, but some of the plot needs to switch up to distinguish itself from the source, and parts of the world don’t match with the era you’re shooting for. Keep up the good work. This looks like a good start.

  2. Hi, Chelle! I seriously love this story! I could not keep from laughing when I saw that you named the two main characters Regina and Cady. I also laughed when they said that Regina died from getting hit by a bus. Haha. I know it sounds terrible but I couldn’t help buy chuckle at all the inspiration you took from Mean Girls. Well done!

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