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I’ve been working ahead, so I already had a tech tip written up for week 4 before learning and creating a  Google site. I created one for my storybook, and honestly had no idea how to create something like this before the helpful tech tip post. I’m by no means a pro at this, but I do appreciate how easily it’s set up for the user. I’ve never created my own site, except for a word press blog, and it was understandable how to create and maintain such a site.  Much more so than a word press blog that’s for sure. The way in which the instructor set up the instructions to follow was marvelous, and gave no troubles.

I’m excited that I now know how to create my own site, who knows how helpful that could be for any career. Not only that, but I’m proud that I’ll be able to view work that I completed in this class later on in life. I can keep the site for how ever long I want, as well as edit it whenever I want. I also like the ability to search images from right there on the google site. I look forward to working with this site and learning further how to create and maintain it successfully.

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  1. Hey Chelle! I’ve been in military training this whole weekend and I’m doing all of my homework this morning and it’s been rough lol. I did this tech tip this morning, but I haven’t been fully focused , so after seeing your post, I realized that I didn’t even write anything for my tech tip… I’ll definitely have to go back and update that! But I agree with you that knowing how to create a website is/will be handy for the future and our careers!

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