Feedback Thoughts: It’s a learning experience

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The articles I chose to read about getting and giving feedback, along with the link are listed below:

Presence, Not Praise: How to Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Achievement

The Difference Between Praise that Promotes Narcissism vs. Healthy Self-Esteem

Using Harsh Feedback to Fuel your Career

5 Tips for Taking Feedback like a Champ

I found the first two articles very interesting, especially the second which differentiates narcissism and self-esteem. I didn’t really realize this was such a huge deal, and something as simple as saying “You rock, you are the best,” or things along those lines can fuel narcissistic thoughts and/or actions in children. I just find that crazy, because from what I’ve seen of parenting friends, they all praise their child like there’s no tomorrow, which I never thought was a problem. I guess, it’s all a means of balance. All the children I’ve seen raised that way turn out just fine. 🙂 They need to know that hard work pays off, and when they work hard their results are excellent! But then again, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. And my opinion is that one kid will not react the same way another kid would.

Though I enjoyed the first 2 articles, I really found the second two the most useful. “Using Harsh Feedback to Fuel your Career” was GREAT! I know personally, it’s hard to take negative feedback in certain situations, but easy in others. What needs to be understood, is that generally harsh feedback is used for you to better yourself. I really liked how the writer included his personal story about rejection in the Marine Corps, or basically being treated as a joke because he didn’t look like he fit the role. We as people need to find a way to have those negative emotions fuel something so much greater in us, and not to give up! The last article basically covered tips on how to take feedback better. The majority includes understanding and reacting in an appropriate manner.

In my personal opinion, receiving negative feedback at work is very hard. It’s kinda like “well…is this going to make me lose my job, can I recover, am I not cut out for this?” But a simple mind shifting or adjustment can make a world of difference. Maintaining positive, and finding ways to come back stronger is important!

For this class particularly, I will absolutely LOVE feedback. I really think it helps my writing improve, and I enjoy reading other people’s perspectives on my work, rather good or bad. It’s a learning process, so there is no need to feel awful about receiving “negative feedback” when it’s not meant to be taken in that way, the writer is only trying to help. 🙂

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  1. I think that your particular view on feedback is encouraging. The fact that you love feedback goes to show that your self-confidence and accepting of times when you have room to improve. I agree with you that negative feedback at work is very hard but I also agree with you that if we maintain a positive attitude we are all stronger together and we could change a lot just by attitudes!

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