Week 8 Reflections: Progress

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Over the course of this semester I feel that I have developed a lot as a writer. I do think that I have been choosing readings that benefit me, due to my love for fairy tales. I’ve not strayed much from the fairy tales and folk tales because I enjoy both of those so much. I’m then able to create a story with such an imaginative view for fairy tales. I’ve never really taken notes similar to those required for this class during reading, I’ve more or less summarized the story. For this class I learned how to relate my reading notes to ideas for another story, rather than summarizing. The notes that I have been taking have helped me tremendously when writing my own stories. Generally I come up with many different ideas discussed in my notes and then actually follow through with either one, or many of them.

I’ve been happy with all of the stories that I have written for this class, some more than others. My favorite and most enjoyable story was Fairy Frog to the Rescue. I really enjoyed writing this story because I combined different aspects of two different short stories to bring together my own, unique story. I love that in fairy tales and folk tales you can make everything unrealistic and no questions are asked about it. This really lets the imagination able to soar! In the weeks to come I may try something new, but I do want to focus on the different cultural fairy and folk tales.

I’ve learned that I’m much more creative than I give myself credit for as a writer. I love that I’m able to read a story now and COMPLETELY change it around. I’m really happy with my storybook and I want to continue with it. I’m super excited about writing from my imagination on Pegasus finding love through the different cultures.

All in all, I think I’ve done a really good job at progressing as a writer this semester. The majority of the choices that I have made with reading and writing have been for my benefit. The one thing I want to do before this class is over is turn a story into the point of view from one of my favorite TV shows. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Image 1: Gorgeous Reflection accessed on Wikimedia Commons.

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