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Ethical Treatment of Animals as the Only Option

The cruel treatment of animals is an extreme problem that many people do not take into account during everyday life. For starters, the unethical treatment animals encounter branch out further than abuse in homes and/or domesticated life. The problems arise in slaughter houses, and other housing similar to raise animals to slaughter. Now some may think that domesticated animals are the only ones that matter, but that’s far from the truth. Animals that are not as domesticated as say the average dog, provide huge meaning in this life, we need them.
Cows and chickens are two of the animals that receive unethical treatment during their lifespan. Before reading Temple Grandin’s book, I honestly had no idea just how bad these animals were treated. They basically raise the animals in many places solely to kill them for food. What’s even worse is that the treatment they receive during their “fattening” to slaughter is disgusting, wrong, and needs to be outlawed.
As stated above, I believe that unethical treatment of ANY animal is completely wrong, and should come with some sort of punishment. No human deserves to be treated in such an ill way leading up to death, so why are animals treated unethically?

The problem of unethical treatment of animals could be minimized greatly if the public became more aware. If Temple Grandin’s points of view developed worldwide, I feel that people could relate to animals more, and provide a more well-rounded approach to how they treat them. Not only are her thought processes similar to an animals, but she also puts herself in their shoes, so to speak.

Although the treatment of cattle is regulated, I think the regulations should be further looked into. Furthermore, chickens don’t even have any regulations? That’s beyond disturbing, as the thought of just how bad they are treated makes me sick. These animals provide food on the table for humans around the world, so shouldn’t we treat them with love and respect? There is no reason why they should be mistreated through their short life solely to save money for the rancher. What many ranchers don’t know is that ethical treatment of these animals is likely more effective, and potentially will even save money in the long run.
In order to provide better conditions for these animals, I think Temple Grandin’s layout for cow slaughter houses should be followed. Chickens should be fenced in, but allowed to roam the land outside. Hitting them, or approaching them destructively only makes the animals more tense, and ends up with worse actions. All animals should basically be treated as you’d want to be treated if you were in their same situation. If that can’t be achieved, there should be punishment to the cruel facilities and/or humans.

Animals are on this Earth for a reason, and there’s only positive reasoning for why they should be treated in an ethical manner. To ensure ethical treatment, the public needs to become more aware, and regulations need to be adjusted, as well as monitored closely. To keep actions correct, there should be punishment to those who refuse to follow, even if the punishment is only shutting down their facility until they can follow the rules and regulations.